In the first 7 days of the physiological period, the secretion of follicular sac hormones will reach the highest value, which is called "late luteal phase". The late luteal phase is not before the physiological period. Because of the effects of luteal hormones, the skin is particularly prone to oil and is prone to small sputum. It also becomes sensitive to ultraviolet rays and has long spots and freckles. The body is also prone to edema, which is the most unstable stage of physical and mental exhaustion. During the menstrual period, how should girls care for their skin? Xiaobian shares with you the skincare tips of the physiological period !

Xiaobian share the skincare tips of the physiological period

Premenstrual period - anti-acne spot

Step1→ Some experts said that during the period before the start of menstruation, endometrial hyperemia and endometrial gland secretion caused by the increase of progesterone, promote hormone changes, skin condition is becoming unstable, often appear dull, rough, easy Oily condition; due to poor metabolism, it is most prone to acne, long spots or body edema; at this time to strengthen metabolism, pay attention to sunscreen, so that acne and dark spots have no chance to appear.

Step2→Strengthen cleansing and anti-acne, wash your face at least twice a day; oily skin once a week with a mud mask to make the dirt no chance to remain. The oil-producing place uses products containing anti-acne ingredients such as tea tree oil or salicylic acid to sterilize and remove acne. It can be gently exfoliated with papaya enzyme or a particle-free scrub.

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