Looking back at the past few years, under the vigorous promotion of green screen printing by the country and the active promotion of the concept of green screen printing by the society, as environmental protection standards have been promulgated and implemented, the greening process of screen printing consumables has continued to speed up. Many green screen printing consumables such as rice bran ink, recycled paper, alcohol-free fountain solution, and CTP-free processing materials are coming, making screen printing companies lamenting the rapid development of green screen printing technology, they are also unavoidable for the cost and maturity of green screen printing consumables. Suspicious.

It is undeniable that many screen printing companies have avoided green screen printing consumables due to cost reasons. They believe that green screen printing consumables are only the exclusive products of some large screen printing companies. But is the use of green screen printing consumables only bringing up the cost of screen printing enterprises? This is not the case. For example, the use of alcohol-free fountain solution not only saves the cost of ethanol, but also improves the quality of printing and improves the workshop environment; the application of environmentally friendly car wash water can not only save the amount of car wash water, but also will not cause harm to human health; The use of vegetable oil-based inks can not only meet the screen printing requirements with less ink volume, but also not easy to cause screen printing failures. From this point of view, the hidden cost savings of using green screen printing consumables are incalculable. What is the cost of using green consumables for silk screen enterprises? It should also be considered comprehensively. The perspective should not be limited to the procurement cost of green silk screen consumables.

People are happy to see that the application and promotion of green silk screen consumables have achieved some results. However, I have to admit that the performance of green screen printing consumables in the market is still uneven, and some green screen printing consumables cannot fully meet the needs of screen printing production. For example, the printing resistance and dot reduction quality of the CTP-free plate material can not fully meet the needs of commercial screen printing; the alcohol-free fountain solution can not fully adapt to the traditional dampening system; the drying speed and gloss of the water-based glazing oil There is still room for improvement. However, with the continuous development and improvement of green screen printing consumables by suppliers of green screen printing consumables, and the attempts and practices of more screen printing companies, it is believed that these problems will be solved in the near future.

In the future, the process of green screen printing is bound to accelerate. More and more screen printing companies will combine social responsibility with corporate development. With the help of green screen printing consumables, take the green express to a green future.

Solid wood veneer as the main raw material, through high-frequency pressing and chairs made of different shapes. Bentwood chairs seat curved wooden multilayer board selected environmental pressing at high frequency, double-sided high-quality bendable fire board; election steel chair legs, powder coated or plated trim. Currently on the market 75% of bentwood chairs are curved wood and metal combination, modeling relatively simple, stylish. High seat bentwood chairs is very particular about, usually should be maintained at between 420-440mm, and bentwood chairs in to the desktop height should be maintained at between 280-320mm. Furthermore width should not be less than the former seat bentwood chairs of 380mm, seat depth between 340-420mm, the total height of the backrest is appropriate between 850-1000mm.

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