Glass bottle packaging in the past for a long time, many manufacturers are pessimistic, that the glass packaging market is shrinking. Coupled with the increase in labor costs, related departments are increasingly monitoring and supervising environmental protection.

However, glass bottles as a safe and stable packaging materials, as more and more people doubt about the sound of plastic bottles packaging, glass bottles packaging trend of regression on the moon, in fact, glass bottle packaging itself has a strong viability, Especially in the field of packaging such as wine packaging and high-end cosmetics, plastics and other packaging forms have barely entered the glass packaging field. Many glass manufacturers only feel the powerless, the key lies in the product innovation in glass bottles do not make efforts. We all know that the homogenization of products in the glass bottle market is very obvious. Manufacturers can only rely on mutual price reduction to obtain orders. This is obviously a vicious cycle of competition. Relevant information shows that the global glass industry leader, Italy's Baote Group, is accelerating to the Chinese market. The reason why this company can quickly enter the fiercely competitive domestic glass bottle market is precisely their leading position in the glass bottle lightweight small pressure blowing technology. Therefore, if domestic glass bottle manufacturers want to emerge from the predicament, the key is to break through the predicament.

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