[ Chinese Wardrobe ] New Chinese-style home decoration inherits Chinese culture and highlights the oriental charm. It is the choice of many people who have a taste for home. This wardrobe to be introduced today, the style of the law-abiding design, is very suitable for the elderly, has a strong Chinese traditional cultural characteristics, and is suitable for modern life, this wardrobe is the federal home modern Chinese style wardrobe.

Federal home J2558JA-2 four-door wardrobe evaluation
Evaluation brand: Federal home
Evaluation products: Federal Home J2558JA-2 four-door wardrobe
main material: Rubber wood
Evaluation project: Appearance, material, hardware, function

Federal home modern Chinese style wardrobe

Design: Modern Chinese

Federal home

This is a typical modern Chinese style wardrobe, suitable for middle-aged and elderly people who are calm and pursuing cultural heritage. Modern Chinese-style furniture is generally rich in color and rich in cultural taste. It has strong Chinese traditional cultural characteristics and is suitable for modern people's life. The overall elegance and solemnity are very popular. This wardrobe style pays attention to the absolute symmetry, the overall style is quite satisfactory, the solid wood color is mellow and calm, and people are attracted to it unconsciously.

Federal home wardrobe evaluation

The handles of the cabinet door and the internal drawers all adopt a concealed and hidden handle, which is convenient for the hand without damaging the overall beauty of the wardrobe. The handle of the cabinet door is a deformed "middle" word with a Chinese flavor.

Material technology: rubber wood, open varnish treatment

Federal home modern Chinese style wardrobe

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Federal Home Modern Chinese Style Wardrobe Evaluation Details

Federal Home Modern Chinese Style Wardrobe Evaluation Details 2

Federal Home Modern Chinese Style Wardrobe Evaluation Summary

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