[Abstract] First, the main bedroom Feng Shui master bedroom feng shui will affect the couple's love, peach blossom love, son and son and the physical health of the hostess, especially the hostess! Smart women should pay attention to whether you have committed these taboos. The living room feng shui is the primary key to determining the stalwart of the Yang house. The feng shui of the master bedroom can be said to be the most important part of the feng shui of the Yang house. The living room feng shui is like the fortune of the main male owner, and the main bedroom feng shui is the main hostess, the importance can be said no.

15. Desk location

When setting the position of the desk, you should pay attention to the problem of lighting. It should be in a well-lit place, but it is not the only factor to consider. Because the light is also enhanced by the lighting, don't just pay attention to the lighting, only the window side is regarded as the unique position of the desk, and ignored. Whether the position of the desk has an undue influence on the sense of space, such as a small space or incompleteness caused by lighting, is not worth the loss. If you are taking the test or studying for it, you should pay special attention to the position of the desk. It must be combined with the position of the life, and then with the Wenchang side of the house, and the individual Wenchang side to design.

16. Dressing table position

The activities of the dressing table are generally related to changing clothes and washing. Therefore, in addition to considering the lighting factors, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the relationship between the moving area and the bathroom and the toilet is smooth, and whether the use is smooth or not, so as to facilitate the living activities of the bedroom. It is near the toilet and dressing area.

It should be noted that the bed cannot be facing the mirror, the mirror will reflect other people and things, making the person sleeping in the bed very restless, sometimes inadvertently seeing their own shadow when they are drowsy or just waking up, Frightened.

The dressing table can't face the bedroom door. There is a mirror on the dressing table. When entering the bedroom from the outside, it is easy to be scared by the figure reflected in the mirror when the mind is unarmed. The spirit will be over time. Have a bad influence. If it is limited to the layout of the room, it is impossible to overcome the above situation, you may wish to make a curtain in front of the mirror, you need to use the dressing table to open the curtain.

17. Screen position

If the bedroom is large or there are too many areas, it needs to be divided by the compartment technique, such as the transparent screen and the double floor. Plane planning for large spaces should be layered and not full of holes. Otherwise, it will be too rigid, and the space will be scattered and incomplete. The small space should be as simple and degenerate as possible, so that the space has a whole sense of spaciousness.

18. Other spatial location

Furniture location considerations For the experience, it is to think about its location together, but for beginners, I am afraid it can not be done, so it can be prioritized according to the larger area, one by one, generally decide the position of the bed group and then decide The wardrobe and the dressing table will be considered after the main furniture of the bedroom is arranged. There are extra space or corners and other spaces such as the dressing room, leisure area and reading area.

19. A space can be divided into furniture area and activity area, which must be an appropriate proportion. The area occupied by bedroom furniture should not be too much. Otherwise, the space will be crowded and the space will be oppressed. The wide space is the first priority of graphic design. .

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