1. Consider weather and climate

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Think about the weather in the place where you live. Will it rain often? Still in the tropics, is it hot and hot? Direct sunlight can crack wooden furniture, and the metal material will rise in temperature and will not be comfortable to use. If you live in a place with tropical storms, strong convective weather, or near the sea, the momentary winds may knock over very light furniture, such as aluminum or plastic.

2, leave space around the furniture

Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture does not have special functional requirements, so you don't have to have a table and chair bench, or you need to match the size of the furniture according to the size of the space. Whether it's an open outdoor pool or a limited atrium garden, remember to leave more area for activity. A tall bar table is better than a formal table, because the bar stool is more space-saving. Or you can consider the smaller side table and the seat pier to match, you can move the position at any time, more flexible.

3, according to the placement position to determine the style and material

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Is there an awning in your outdoor activity area? Is the furniture placed on a soft lawn or on a hard floor? Remember, if you are on the lawn floor, do not use the furniture of the cork frame. The cork will absorb the moisture and then cause the frame to be damaged. Try to choose plastic and steel frame instead. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use a parasol. Direct sunlight can be harmful to furniture and human skin.

4, material is more important than appearance

The material of outdoor furniture is very important, it determines the future maintenance, so don't just look at the appearance when buying. Aluminum and resin are the easiest to care for, and wicker or wooden furniture requires regular maintenance.

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