When purchasing a sanitary ware product, the average family will choose according to the composition and age of the family members. For the family with elderly parents at home, what should you pay attention to when purchasing sanitary ware? What are the sanitary wares for the elderly? Here are a few categories for you to refer to!

1, open the door bathtub

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Older people are slow-moving, unresponsive, and have poor resilience. Therefore, it is advisable to use a flat-bottomed anti-skid shallow bathtub. In order to make the elderly easy to enter and exit the bathtub, the bathtub should not be too high from the ground. Generally, it should be 450 mm. It is best to use the open-door bathtub. It is more convenient for the elderly to enter and exit.

2, induction thermostatic faucet

The elderly have poor grip strength, slow movement and other factors. When cold and hot water taps are used, they are easy to be cold and hot, and difficult to adjust. Therefore, under the economic conditions, infrared induction thermostats should be used, so that the elderly can use them more easily. It can be placed underneath, and there is no need to adjust the water temperature. The operation is very simple.

3, convenient toilet

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Since the action of the elderly is inconvenient, when the bathroom toilet is purchased, an auxiliary handle should be installed on both sides of the toilet to help the elderly to easily leave the toilet.

Of course, as long as you choose to go to the market, you will find that the types of sanitary wares suitable for the elderly are very rich. Parents will raise our hard work and suffer hard. When they are old, give them a comfortable living environment is the most Good reward, what are you waiting for?

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