With the improvement of living standards, the concept of green home is deeply rooted in people's minds. When consumers buy furniture products, they would rather pay higher prices in order to purchase genuine green products. However, when consumers walk into the home store, they will find that the green and environmental protection certifications of the furniture produced by the merchants are very difficult to distinguish, and they are not afraid to buy them.

家具争打环保牌 绿色环保认证须辨真伪

Furniture products fight for green cards

Mr. Fang, a consumer in Beijing, has just renovated the house and plans to ventilate for a while before staying. Recently, he and his family planned to go to the store to buy furniture. After reading several furniture stores, he made a mistake: "The environmental protection certification provided by the merchants is very varied, and I really don't know which one to believe."

Mr. Fang told reporters: “The importance of green environment in the home environment is well known. We are also willing to spend more money to buy truly environmentally friendly products. However, almost every merchant in the store said that its products are green and environmentally friendly. Some cabinets have a pungent smell when they open the door. Such products can come up with a green product certification. Isn't this a flicker?"

A few days ago, when reporters visited Beijing Yikelong, Longfeng House and other stores, they found that businesses are fighting for green cards. In the Yikelong furniture market, a salesperson selling sofas promised to the reporter: "You can rest assured that all the materials here are qualified and environmentally friendly." However, he simply could not get the green environmental protection test certificate.

In another home store, two different brands of mattresses were certified as green products. One of the certificates was printed on a piece of white paper with a plastic film on the outside. The seal of the certification unit on the certificate was very vague; the environmental certification of the other mattress was attached to the back of the manual and sealed in the package of the mattress. With the mattress, you cannot see the certificate.

During the visit, the reporter found that many furniture brands have slogans such as “the lowest amount of formaldehyde emission”, and the staff in the store also promoted products on environmental protection and health. They all said that in addition to price factors, environmental performance is a major factor in consumers' purchase of furniture.

Some green certifications can be bought for

According to the reporter, at present, there are more than 10 kinds of green certification marks in the furniture market. These certification organizations have both official organizations and non-governmental organizations. Many of them violate the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on Certification and Accreditation of the People's Republic of China" and remind consumers of consumption. Don't be fooled by these so-called certifications when buying furniture products.

According to industry insiders, the various green environmental certifications on the market have high gold content, and the authoritative national certification requirements are very strict, such as China Environmental Labeling Product Certification (ie “10-ring certification”), with the highest gold content; Some certification bodies are non-governmental organizations, and certificates can be purchased for spending.

"There are hundreds of environmental certification institutions in China, some of which have a registered capital of only 3 million yuan, and the threshold is very low." A person in charge of a furniture company told reporters that the environmental certification provided by some institutions is definitely not reliable. ". He told reporters that the green certifications issued by furniture companies are varied, some are self-made, some are bought by money, and some are issued by institutions that do not have certification.

He told reporters that in terms of furniture environmental protection certification, the state does not have mandatory regulations, but adopts the principle of voluntariness, so the environmental protection certification in the furniture market is relatively confusing.

After entering the “Environmental Product Certification” in Baidu, the reporter found that many consulting companies claimed that “the procedures were simplified, and the ten-ring certification was successfully obtained in a short period of time”. The reporter called the telephone of one of the companies in the name of a furniture company. The staff of the company said that the “10-ring certification” requires the enterprise to apply first, and only after the application can be “operated”. As for the specific operation price, the other party Said "to interview."

Buy green products to look for the ten ring mark

Yu Xiusu, secretary-general of the Beijing Furniture Association, told reporters that most of the green environmental certifications in the furniture market are issued by some industry associations, societies, and promotion associations. Are these institutions legally registered and their environmental certifications are authentic? Waiting for discussion.

According to Yu Xiusu, the current recognized environmental certification in the industry, in addition to the internationally accepted ISO14000 environmental system certification, is the "10-ring certification" and "CQC quality environmental product certification" (see the top right). “10-ring certification” is advocated and issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. It is the highest level of environmental protection product certification in the country. In government procurement projects, products with this certification can be preferentially purchased; “CQC Quality Environmental Product Certification” can be used for products. A comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the environment.

At present, some businesses advocate that their products are green products, based on the national standard. “Industry knows that meeting the national standard is not the same as green products. The national standard is only the access standard for furniture to enter the market. If this standard is not met, it will not be eligible to enter the market, and the certification requirements for green products are very high.” Xiu Su said that merchants are said to be green and environmentally friendly products in line with national standards, which is misleading to consumers.

In addition, the state expressly stipulates that only products that pass the “10-ring certification” can be called “green products”. If manufacturers show other green product certifications, consumers must pay more attention to them.

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