[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The impression of the white wardrobe is cute and friendly, beautiful and fresh, it is easier to create a warm home atmosphere, so the white wardrobe has always been very popular. Today's Xiaobian evaluation of the product comes from a romantic life, the white exterior of the four-door wardrobe looks very fresh, with a good lacquer finish and exquisite carving, reflecting the noble side, in light wood flooring and fabric curtains Under the foil, it seems more and more beautiful.

Wardrobe evaluation

Evaluation brand: romantic life

Evaluation products: romantic life four-door wardrobe

Product material: pine, camphor wood

Product specifications: 1770*650*2300mm

Our Cement bag /sand bag/ pp woven sack /PP woven bag/PP big bag/Jumbo Bags' specification are as below:

1) the Cement Bags character are dust-proof, moisture-proof, bear the radiation, safety and substance.
2) Enough intensity on structure, convenient to load and discourage, suit mechanical load and unload.
3) Concrete Bags Widely used in chemical industry, cement, corn, mineral products and other powdery, granular and massive goods 'packing
4) Marks such as logos and names of the goods can be printed on the bags on client'requests (bag concrete custom).

Our company covers an area of 10000 square meters, 2000 square meters' Plant. We have over 180 employees presently, including 20 technician, The main equipment include a composite machine, bag-making machine and a four-color printing machine and some corresponding equipment, And we introduced an advanced sewing bag equipment units(German bag making technology), Paper Bags can be made reach up to 80 centimeters wide, 136 cm length on integration production(Punching-Agglutination-Suture) With six color printing bag-making machine units, And we use environmental printing ink and UV device, we can meet the market demand for high quality printing during bag concrete custom. Our company passed the ISO - 9001 quality system certification and ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, the company controls all production link quality strictly according to the system standard and implements policy ISO quality spirit, integrates brand, service, price, information, so as to we make the packaging gain reliance deeply. 

We mainly focus on Cement Bags, Concrete Bags, paper bags, Kraft Paper Bag, paper-plastic compound bag, color printing bag, paper-aluminum composite valve pocket, heat sealing bag, sewing bag, square bottom bag, Shanghai kraft paper bag, Shanghai valve pocket, carrier bags, plastic bag, etc., our production widely used in chemical raw materials, new building materials, fodder, food, flour and other industry demand, we also make bags for Leaves, white carbon black and animals food sack(powdery and granular products). We have more than 20 million production capacity annual output. Company can also provide customized scheme for the market, transact all kinds of commodity inspection certification and latent assurance certification.

bag concrete custom

Cement Bags

Pp Woven Cement Bag,Kraft Paper Cement Bag,Concrete Bag,Premixed Concrete Bags

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