Wooden spoon handmade - rabbit

Handmade materials: wooden spoons, moving eyes , sequins , sponge paper , paint, plush balls, glue

Wooden spoon handmade - rabbit

Triple Rotors Watch Winder. This watch winder has three rotors to work, can hold six watches, suitable for both man and women. Our products are all made of wood and exquisite workmanship. Double automatic watch winder can rotates clockwise, counter-clockwise or alternate it will work with all kind of automatic watches. his automatic watch winder will keep your automatic timepieces wound and ready to wear when you need them. This product also can wind up three automatic watches, or more than three, and this watch winder with Japanese mabuchi rotor, it's very quiet. It would not  disturb your sweet dream even you put it in your bedroom. This product has high quality, high sales volume and low price in our company.

Watch Winder For Six Watches

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