Environmental testing equipment has become the key to the rapid development of industry. Environmental test equipment includes high and low temperature test chambers, salt spray test chambers and dustproof test chambers. With the rapid development of the environmental test equipment industry, a large and emerging sand and dust test chamber industry group has emerged. Because of the continuous deterioration of the environment in recent years, its role in the industry is self-evident. The environmental equipment industry occupies a very important position in promoting the development of science and technology and the national economy.
The important position and role of the dustproof test box in product testing has been highly valued by various industries. In recent years, the country has also adopted a series of major measures to speed up the development of domestic environmental testing equipment. The outline of the national medium and long-term scientific and technological development plan involves a number of instrumentation and measurement control development projects, including the environmental test industry.

In the fields of scientific research such as aerospace and automotive, the development of environmental testing has also been placed in an important position. Because the development of other industries such as aerospace has played a great role in the promotion of sand and dust test equipment, China's environmental testing industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The status of sand and dust test equipment will also be of international concern in more industries. I believe he will take the stage of history in the near future and show its beautiful dance posture.

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