Researcher Katsigiannis of the Greek Research and Technology Center (CERTH) and researcher Hatziyannaki of Patras Computer Technology Institute recently developed a new type of recording electronic card that can be used to manufacture ultra-small Holter electrocardiographs (Holter). The new dynamic electrocardiograph developed according to this technology will have many outstanding advantages. It is not only small in size, light in weight, consumes very little power, but also has excellent signal quality, and has good fidelity and wireless sensing functions. It will have a GPS function, which can automatically alert the medical team or doctor immediately via a Wi-Fi mobile phone or PC wireless communication device. When detecting heart rhythm, it only captures abnormal heart rhythm instead of normal heart rate. The instrument weighs only 90 grams, easy to carry, does not affect the patient's activities. Without a monitor and printer, the acquired ECG can be connected to any computer via USB for reading, storage, processing, or sending to another doctor or medical center.

Researchers say the next goal is to find ways to improve battery life so that patients can carry it for more than a week, determine the geographic coordinates of patients and doctors at any time, and send arrhythmia records in real time. It will become a truly innovative product that provides patients with permanent monitoring of heart disease.

Travel Toothbrush

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Travel Toothbrush

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