"Romantic Starry Sky" Carbon Fiber Heating Series Package

Market price: 3705.00 yuan / set

Promotion price of Qijia Mall: RMB 1798.20 / set

Package description:

1. The high-tech oil-resistant layer of the gusset plate is made of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy, and the back of the aluminum plate is gold-coated with the battery.

2. The lighting is made of highly transparent and wear-resistant glass shell, white and no wear marks. It is equipped with (Sanxiong ballast), which has stable startup and long service life.

3. The kitchen electric fan automatically swings leaves and automatically hinges to give you a refreshing summer.

4. The heating air conditioner heater is directly related to the 90 ° air outlet, which can send the warmth to the ground at the longest distance, which makes the warm air more efficiently warm the entire bathroom space.

Highly recommented:

Detail drawing of carbon fiber heater (click to buy)

Market price: 899.00 yuan / Taiwan mall price: 426.00 yuan / Taiwan

1. Carbon fiber heating, more mature technology, rapid heating, safe and healthy;

2. Core air technology, decompose the impact current, line interlock control, protect the safety of the circuit and electricity, and control freely;

3. Anti-leakage safety design, even if water splashes on the PTC during use, there will be no leakage of electricity, and it will not affect the operation and heating effect of electrical appliances

Product parameters:

Editor's comment: Many people are confused when buying ceilings. They don't know what kind of ceiling is suitable for their home. This Handing "romantic starry sky" series ceiling can meet the needs of different home decoration, especially suitable for modern minimalist style decoration design.

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