With the advancement of technology, kitchen utensils have also been updated and replaced many times. I do n’t know how many generations of traditional kitchen utensils such as gas stoves and cooker hoods have been replaced. New members such as disinfection cabinets and light wave stoves are also popularized in every family And as one of the global white goods giants. Haier has made a lot of efforts in the field of kitchen supplies in recent years, and has also produced many excellent products. Today I will introduce three Haier Skyline (SKILINE) kitchen appliances series, which are Haier QHA913 gas stove, CXW-200-DC93 range hood, ZQD100F-8 disinfection cabinet.

Haier QHA913 gas stove


The Skyline series is a high-end fashion brand created by Haier, just like its Casa Di refrigerator, and the QHA913 gas stove evaluated this time is the flagship product of the Skyline series. This A913 adopts an inlaid design to fit the countertop well. on. The surface is covered with a fast tempered glass material and the design of the surface can improve the appearance of the product and make it easier to clean.

Layout : A913 adopts the traditional dual side-by-side stove mouth, press and place the ignition switch and the central control panel below. This design looks very simple and elegant, very high-grade.

Workmanship : A913 adopts seamless welding technology, which can make the sheet metal parts reach a very strong degree of tightness so as to avoid the entry of oil stains and dust to improve the service life of the product.

The center console is made of rigid material and the surface is designed with a drawing process so that it can have a strong texture and avoid the generation of fingerprints.

Intelligent temperature control technology

The biggest highlight of the A913 gas stove is the use of Haier's "intelligent temperature control technology". This technology senses the temperature in the container through the heat-sensing contacts protruding from the heart of the stove to accurately control the amount of heat and temperature, making cooking more Convenient and fast, whether it is frying or frying, you can master it with ease.

In the design and layout of the stove mouth, the A913 still uses the design combination of Haier's high-frequency pulse ignition and 18-degree fire exit, which can effectively improve the gas utilization rate and the safety of use and accelerate the speed of cooking food.


Haier's CXW-200-DC93 range hood adopts a tilted design as a whole, so that the head space can be effectively liberated so that people can reduce the sense of depression when cooking. In terms of materials, DC93 is also designed with tempered glass as the surface, and the overall appearance is simple and bright. It adopts the same design style as the A913 gas stove introduced previously.

Details: In detail, DC93 adopts full-touch LED design on the control interface, and LED lighting is also embedded in the fuselage. Make the front of the range hood a flat panel, which looks very neat and generous. And a bright silver metal strip is inlaid on the body through a seamless welding process, giving the whole a visual impact and layering.

Intelligent linkage system

The air inlet of Haier DC93 range hood adopts a unique ring-shaped design, and a whole glass plate is used as a carrier for condensing oil pollution in the middle. According to the introduction, this design can effectively suck most of the fume into the body and exclude the outside. And a unique technology of this range hood is that it can work with Haier's gas stove intelligently. This system can make the range hood automatically adjust the speed of the range hood fan according to the flame size and temperature of the gas stove, which greatly facilitates people's kitchen work, and truly realizes the concept of intelligent kitchen.

The automatic cleaning ability is also the advantage of this Haier DC93. The overall body adopts a glass surface to easily wipe off the oil droplets attached to the surface. There are many designs for guiding oil and anti-oil stains inside the body, which can lead well Grease flows into the oil sump. The oil collection tank is an oil collection tank with the same length as the body, which can collect a large amount of oil pollution caused by cooking. In addition, a small glass window is also humanizedly installed on the oil guide groove, so that the depth of the oil stain can be easily seen to perform the necessary cleaning work.


Haier's ZQD100F-8 disinfection cabinet is the latest model introduced by Haier. It is also used as the Skyline series product. The A913 and DC93 described above use the same ideas and concepts. The simple and elegant design can be integrated into the kitchen design of the modern family.

Pasteurized light wave disinfection technology

Haier ZQD100F-8 uses industry-leading pasteurized light wave disinfection technology for its disinfection technology. This technology can effectively kill a large number of bacteria and viruses and reduce the meaning or gas generated by disinfection.

Space layout design

F-8 adopts upper and lower drawer design style, which can be opened and closed independently from top to bottom, and its internal space is ample. It is not difficult to put tableware for five people.

In function, this machine can design the start and stop time of disinfection, the method and intensity of disinfection. And it is humanized to set up a child lock function to prevent children from misoperation and the possibility of climbing into the disinfection cabinet.

Evaluation summary

Haier's QHA913 gas stove, CXW-200-DC93 range hood, and ZQD100F-8 disinfection cabinet have three advantages in appearance, function, and human-computer interaction. In terms of power consumption, these three machines have reached the level 1 standard of China's electricity consumption. It can definitely meet the energy-saving and low-carbon living standards of the cash society.

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