In the wastewater treatment workshop of the cold rolling mill in the iron and steel industry, in order to ensure that the final discharge water quality turbidity and conductivity meet the standards, an online turbidity detector and online conductivity meter were installed on the final discharge water pipeline. Jingtang company 1700 cold rolling plant wastewater treatment workshop mainly uses Hach sc100 turbidity meter with a range of 0 ~ 40NTU and an accuracy of 0.50%; and Hach c53 conductivity meter with a range of 0 ~ 5000uS / cm, the accuracy is 2.00%.

In the three years of operation since the start of production, these two meters have played a great role. In daily use, the data is accurate, so it can be maintained, and it has been running without failure. The water quality discharged from our workshop has been up to the standard in the two indexes of turbidity and conductivity, which has fully met the requirements of environmental protection. In addition, the accuracy of the data transmission of the instrument allows the operator to grasp the accurate turbidity and conductivity of the external drainage in the operation room, and can adjust the operation in real time to ensure that the water quality is qualified. More importantly, the hash turbidity meter and the conductivity meter have been sufficiently accurate and stable during nearly 4 years of operation, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources for our equipment maintenance and greatly reduces the cost of spare parts.

In view of the various advantages of Hach water quality meters, we still use Hach water quality analysis meters in the construction of the second cold rolling plant wastewater workshop.

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