The EP106 type timer counter uses the 89C51 single-chip computer integrated circuit imported from abroad, and uses a quartz crystal with a stability of up to 12 MHz as a time-based oscillator, so it has a very high timing accuracy, so the EP106 type timer counter meets the Requirements for researchers who conduct research on psychology.

Timing range 0.00 to 9999.99 seconds Timing accuracy display error ± 1/100 second Counting range 0 to 999 times Weight 0.3 kg Power supply AC 220 ± 22 V Counting delay 100 ms Volume power consumption 5 watts

1. Insert the lead plug from the psychological experiment instrument into the input socket of the machine (note that before plug is inserted, please confirm that the direction of the plug and the socket correspond to each other, and must not be misaligned).

2. Turn on the power switch and display "0000.00" timing display status. Timing begins.

3. When the experiment ends, the timing stops and the experimental data is obtained.

4. If you want to run the experiment again, you can press the RET button, the instrument is reset, and you can start the next experiment.

1. GND (ground terminal)-the input signal ground terminal.

2. START (starting end)-when the level changes negatively, the timing starts.

3. STOP (stop)-stop counting time when the level transitions negatively.

Note: The input impedance of the signal input terminal is 47 kiloohms, and the maximum input voltage is 5 volts

1. The instrument should be used within a range of 220 ± 22 volts AC.

2. The voltage output and current of the instrument should be strictly controlled under the specified value (see the schematic diagram of the input socket).

3. When turning on the power of the instrument, especially when the power switch is slow, occasionally the instrument will automatically enter the working state. This is because the instrument has a very high sensitivity to start the timing in order to ensure the timing accuracy. At this time, the user can return to the original state simply by pressing the RET button.

4. When not in use, the instrument should be stored in a dry place.

5. It is strictly forbidden for users to disassemble, install or modify this instrument without permission.

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