The kinesthetic azimuth discriminator is composed of pure machinery. The kinesthetic sensation is the internal sensation of self-recognizing the posture of the body and the movement state (muscle contraction strength, etc.) of a certain part.
Temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃
Relative humidity 20% ~ 90%
Atmospheric pressure 86 ~ 106 Kpa
Weight 4 KG
Instrument size

1. The user opens the instrument box, inserts the shaft core (the threaded end) of the sliding arm into the axis of the semicircle on the bottom plate, and then screw on the nut from the back of the bottom plate. To make the sliding arm move tightly and tighten the small screw fixing the nut.

2. The subject covers his eyes and inserts a stopper on a stopper sleeve according to the experimental requirements.

3. The subject put the arm on the sliding arm, and according to the length of the arm, choose a suitable screw hole (a total of three screw holes) between the middle finger and the index finger of the subject, and screw on the finger grip lever to let the subject Index finger and clamp the lever.

4. If the right arm is tried, it must swing clockwise, and the left arm swings counterclockwise.

5. The subject swings his arm until he hits the stopper. After the subject remembered the position of his arm, the arm was reset.

6. The main tester takes the stopper, and then lets the subject swing the arm again. If the tester feels the same position as before, the main tester is informed.

7. The main test is to understand the subject's internal sensation ability to distinguish the body posture and movement of a certain part of the body through the error value of the scale indicated by the red pointer under the sliding arm and the position of the stopper

8. Repeat the above procedure several times, and compare the results to test whether the subject's kinesthetic sensation is improved.

1. A semicircle and a saddle (sliding arm) connected to the axis at the center of the semicircle.

2. Nine stopper seat covers and three stoppers, with a 30-degree interval between 0 degrees and 30 degrees on the circumference, and a 20-degree interval between 30 degrees and 150 degrees.

3. There are two rows of marks for each degree. The upward degree is clockwise, and the downward degree is counterclockwise.

4. There are movable stops under the sliding arm, and there are screw limiters on both sides. The adjustment screw can fine-tune the error between the sliding arm, the pointer and the scale.

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