Model of high-temperature crystal growth furnace: ZT-50-22D Furnace type: vertical type 1. Equipment use and characteristics This product uses a vertical furnace body, which is mainly used for the growth of high-temperature crystals. Drop growth, suitable for growing 2 inch sapphire single crystal, used for LED substrate.
2. Technical parameters
1. Power supply: 40KW
2. Power supply voltage: 380V 50HZ
3. Maximum temperature: 2200 ℃
4. Ultimate vacuum: 1 * 10-3Pa
5. Crucible size: Ф80 × 120mm
6. Temperature measuring system: thermocouple + two-color infrared instrument
7. Pressure rise rate: 1Pa / h
8. Falling speed of crucible: 1-10mm / hour
9. Maximum displacement of crucible: 200mm
10. Inflation pressure in the furnace: ≤0.06Mpa
11. Atmosphere control: to achieve automatic control within the set furnace pressure range
1. Furnace body and lifting mechanism 2. Furnace bottom and lifting mechanism
3. Heating element and heat shield 4. Vacuum system
5. Temperature control system 6. Transformer and connecting cable
7. Water cooling system 4. Structure description
1. Furnace body and lifting mechanism: adopt double-layer water interlayer structure, the inner wall is stainless steel (304) material, the inner wall is finely polished, and the outer wall is (304) material, polished. The furnace body and the lower flange form a bell-shaped structure, and the flange plane is provided with a sealing groove. Adopt "O" ring (rubber ring) vacuum seal, and set water cooling device (to prevent the aging of "O" ring due to excessive temperature), the bell cover is equipped with lifting mechanism.
2. Furnace bottom and lifting mechanism: The furnace bottom and furnace body are vacuum-sealed with "O" ring (rubber ring), and a water cooling device is provided. The furnace bottom is provided with a thermocouple hole, vacuum system connection and crucible electric servo screw rod lifting, The connection between the furnace bottom and the furnace body is tightly sealed.
3. The heating element is made of high-purity graphite tube with slits and suspended vertically. The heating element is connected to the furnace electrode. The water-cooled electrode is installed at the bottom of the electric furnace. The insulation layer is dominated by tungsten and molybdenum. 4. Vacuum system (user-supplied): A two-stage vacuum pump is used, which can pump high vacuum below 2000 degrees. The vacuum system consists of a 2X-30 mechanical pump, a TK-200 oil diffusion pump, and a high vacuum pneumatic baffle valve , Pneumatic butterfly valve, vacuum pressure gauge, inflation valve, deflation valve. The vacuum pipe is connected with the pump by a quick joint connection (to reduce vibration). Vacuum measurement is performed using a compound vacuum gauge.
5. Temperature control system: It adopts thyristor temperature control, and is equipped with PID function program instrument. The instrument adopts American Honeywell brand, up to 16-stage program temperature control, or Xiamen Yuguang brand, up to 50-stage program temperature control, with Over-temperature sound and light alarm function, high temperature control accuracy and easy operation. The electrical components used are all Schneider and Omron brands. The electrical control cabinet is manufactured according to Rittal standards. All electrical actions are controlled by PLC. The control cabinet panel is equipped with a touch screen, which can set the crystal pulling speed and displacement. The working status of each component.
6. Water cooling distribution system: It is composed of various pipelines, valves and other related devices, and has the function of automatically cutting off the power supply after the sound and light alarm of water cutoff.
7. Transformer and connecting cable: Use matching transformer and connecting cable.
Fifth, the price of a full set of equipment: ï¿¥ 520000 yuan Wu Shi two million yuan six, the scope of supply:
1. Furnace body (made by Chenhua)
2. One set of vacuum system (including mechanical pump and diffusion pump)
3. Electric control cabinet and cable (with PLC touch screen, power controller, temperature instrument)
4. Transformer (Jintan, Jiangsu) One Taiwan
5. Infrared instrument (American Lei Tai), one set of tungsten rhenium thermocouple
6. One set of heating elements and insulation in the furnace
7. One set of crucible servo lifting mechanism (including ball screw)
8. One set of bell jar lifting mechanism
9. One set of stove
10. One set of water cooling distribution system
11. Manual one set

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