. Carry out the ultimate compressive strength test on the carton (or other container).
2. Carrying on the pressure durability of the carton, that is, the stacking strength test, is used to assess the possibility that the carton will bear a fixed load for a long time without being crushed, and can track the deformation of the test piece.
3. Track and measure the deformation of the specimen during compression.
4. The pressure conversion and adjustment function is controlled by the speed controller produced by Panasonic. The downward running speed of the upper pressure plate is within the speed adjustment range. The main technical parameters can be set arbitrarily through the speed setting key.

Maximum test force


Force measurement accuracy

± 0.5%

Upper platen area

1200 × 1200㎜

Working stroke of upper pressure plate


Pressing speed

0.1-≥100 mm / min





Ball screw, digital AC servo motor speed control made in Japan
Brand computer 17 "monitor, color printer, can do compression and stacking test.
Test speed: 0.1-100mm / min (special 0.1-300mm / min)
Power supply voltage: three-phase 380V


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