The waves are in the sand, and the heroes are true. Recently, the reporter learned that many of the self-owned brands in the Longjiang furniture materials market began to exert their strength and expanded against the trend, ushered in a round of opening. As market competition has intensified, brand integration and competition in the furniture and leather industry have further deepened. As a representative of excellent leather, its chairman Qian Jifu thinks about the current changes and future development of Longjiang furniture and leather industry.

行业洗牌进一步加剧 家具皮革业或迎来开业潮

Industry reshuffle further aggravates the furniture leather industry or welcomes the opening tide

Industry shuffling further intensified

Furniture leather is an important upstream industry for furniture. With the development of the furniture industry, the furniture leather industry has also developed simultaneously. At present, although there is no leather production enterprise in Longjiang, it has become an important gathering place for furniture leather distribution in China. Domestic leather manufacturers such as Hebei and Zhejiang have set up direct sales stores or distribution points in Longjiang. The huge furniture market in Longjiang has attracted thousands of leather dealers to open stores here. Excellent leather is also one of the cases. It is understood that the new marketing center of Younai Leather has also opened its doors recently. Why is the leather industry so hot under the contrarian trend, and new stores are opening?

Qian Jifu believes that in the early two years, Longjiang's furniture leather market has been saturated, and now the industry's brand has begun to emerge, which also indicates that other brands are declining. This is a reflection of the further deepening of the industry brand, that is, the industry shuffle. The process is in progress. “Furniture is a traditional industry. No matter how bad the external environment is, the furniture industry has always been a sunrise industry. As the upstream of furniture – the furniture and leather industry will not have a big decline. But this year, the situation is very uncertain, the leather industry will face The big challenge.” Qian Jifu then told reporters that in the past few years, the furniture enterprises that had been exporting were sold to domestic sales in large quantities. The furniture exports of Longjiang have shrunk by 20%~30%; while the domestic cakes are only so large. Coupled with domestic real estate regulation, it further reduced market share. "Especially in these two years, these two years are a hurdle. As long as you get through this winter, you will see spring."

Brand integration model will become the mainstream of development

Judging from the development model of the industry, in recent years, the furniture and leather industry has undergone major changes. Furniture leather distributors are divided into two categories, one is the factory direct dealers with manufacturers background, such as source leather, Rising leather, only agent of a manufacturer of leather products. One type is a distributor of its own brand that integrates various types of products, which can be referred to as a brand integration dealer. For example, the rising star is excellent leather, Asian Island leather and Xinmeixing leather.

From the market feedback point of view, brand integrators have gradually become the mainstay of the industry, and more and more furniture companies in Longjiang choose to cooperate with these brand integration dealers. The furniture and leather industry has generated an emerging force and began to subvert the distribution model of the development of this industry. Qian Jifu told reporters that the current power competition, the proportion of these two types of dealers is half. However, brand integrators will become the mainstream force in the market.

What is the reason? “Distributors with manufacturers' backgrounds are one-stop production and sales. Brand integrators are professional distribution traders. The concept of manufacturers and traders is different. Traders pay more attention to customer needs, and manufacturers often do not understand market needs. It is easy to ignore the market and eventually lose the market.” Qian Jifu further pointed out that only a distributor of a factory is not conducive to the improvement of product quality. First of all, the products of such dealers are directly with a factory to get goods, then he has no choice, regardless of whether the product is suitable for the market, can only push the market to the market. In this case, the situation of flickering appears, and the situation of the return of the furniture factory appears. There will be no cooperation in the future. Brand integrators are more concerned with the position of furniture manufacturers, only high-quality leather can win orders from furniture manufacturers, brand integrators have the right to choose more types of products to meet the various personality requirements of the entire big market.

Some insiders believe that the emergence of brand integration and distribution model is good for the industry, and it can force the leather manufacturers to continuously improve and innovate. As the upstream of furniture companies, the promotion and innovation of leather brands will benefit the improvement of the entire industry.

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