Mr. Zhao Hu, President of IN DESIGN Media, Executive Director of China Architecture Society Interior Design Branch (CIID)

This ups and downs of 2011 has already been played. We went back to the curtain over and over again, and it was just the time to calmly review, warmly discuss and profoundly summarize it. People recalled that this year, large and small things were condensed into a single lantern, and they were played back in their minds. However, in Zhao Hu’s view, the 2011 design industry is by no means a simple summary of the drawings and awards.

Zhao Hu is the executive director of the Interior Design Branch of China Architecture Society (CIID) and the president of IN DESIGN Media. In 1990, he graduated from Tianjin University with a branch in industrial and civil architecture. In 1998, he founded the "Home Decoration" magazine; in 2000, he founded the China Interior Design Network; in 2004, he began to introduce the American "Interior Design INTERIOR", "Hotel HOTELS", Germany "Details DETAIL", the Netherlands "Ruimu FRAME", Italy "Domain "Internationally renowned magazines."

As a veteran media person in the industry, he is the organizer of various events, participants in various activities, and onlookers of various events. He has sharp and pungent attacks on the industries he loves, and he has no suspicion of praise. In the year he witnessed, he was gratified, disappointed, worried, and hopeful.

In 2011, there have been a lot of excitement in the design world. However, in Zhao Hu’s view, the activities including the “Hall of Fame” organized by him are only a routine continuation of activities over the years. It cannot be said to be a routine, but “Iron’s Awards, the winners of the water, are always the same process. This year, only the Golden Hall Awards were uniquely decorated with design circles.

According to Zhao Hu, the Golden Church Award is a self-organized award from the designer, breaking the convention of organizing events and awarding by industry organizations. More importantly, its awards section has truly achieved "openness, fairness, and fairness." In the past, experts and scholars who sat in the judges' seats in various competitions can only give the scorers to the majority of owners. Once retired, 75% of the weight was handed over.

In the sea election process, how to ensure fairness and how to make talented design newcomers stand out is the most concerned issue for journalists. Zhao Hu said: "The netizen scores are open to the whole process. Whoever scores which works, which can be found on the Internet, has not been tried in other previous awards. This will ensure greater transparency and transparency. If you feel unfair, you can post your opinion online. The power of information is very powerful now, and no one dares to say it to a bad case."

This time, the awards given by the designers and the design awards have become more and more precious and precious under the recognition of more owners.

This year, CCTV's ratings for a famous home improvement program continued to climb, but on Weibo, there were more and more criticisms and satires from real-name designers. Why? Speaking of this problem, Zhao Hu said humorously: "This program is too rough. If you want to make a quick profit, then you can go to the street to spread the pancake fruit. That is fast, you can get one in two minutes. Dish. If you want to make a table of Buddha jumping and want to sell a high-end good dish, then your cook will take time. In Japan's decoration program, a room has to be done for a few months, and people are bent on making dishes; you It takes 48 hours to renovate the home, and it must be this effect."

In addition to the time being too compact and resulting in shoddy, the program group has not discovered more outstanding designers in the industry, turning the decoration into a stage where some designers express themselves and even sensationalism, resulting in the decoration effect of many families. The owner can't smile, in the words of the netizen, "Poor owners can only smile and break the teeth and swallow their eyes." In order to pursue the decoration effect in a short period of time, we can only seek new and visually blame, the most important practicality and functionality are abandoned, and the designers also have hardships. As a media with great influence, while attracting social attention to the industry, it did not advocate a correct and healthy design concept. In Zhao Hu’s view, it has become a negative textbook in the industry and is being inverted. Running down the road down the road.

Most of the designers interviewed have a lot of experience on how to sell themselves and their own works. As the designer began to pay attention to the status quo of promotion and packaging, Zhao Hu expressed his concern: "Everyone's time and energy are limited, if a designer's mind is thinking about how to be famous every day, how to package themselves, is It's hard to make a good design."

In Zhao Hu's view, people with professional skills must achieve business value through a medium. How to promote is not something that designers should worry about. He believes that design is the foundation of the designer. In a time when information is so developed and the media is pervasive, good designers and good works can't be hidden, and the light can't be concealed. "If you don't want to be famous, you can't do it." .

With the popularity of finely decorated real estate in the market, many interior designers have quietly turned to accessories design in 2011. Does this show the trend of interior design? Zhao Hu does not think so: "The space that you want to live in is rich and cultural. You may need to put a bunch of flowers here. There are a few books to be piled there. You need to lay a blanket here. You need to put a coffee table there... These things should be chosen by the owners themselves, they are chosen by themselves, and they should be part of his life. They should not be put out by the designer. The accessories are lived and lived, not hard designed. The accessories are like breast augmentation. Surgery is not natural."

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