In terms of home feng shui, the feng shui of the living room is related to the harmony of the family's fortune and family relationship. It is a big event and cannot be ignored. The living room feng shui is the most important ring in the feng shui of Yangzhai. The good and bad of the family's overall house transport, whether it is the rebellion of the career promotion, the number of the transportation, the good fortune of the family, the depth of the couple's fate, the children's reading, the examination of the transportation, the health status is normal, and the living room is feng shui. Decided. Seeing the feng shui of the living room, the core of the feng shui of the Yang house, its importance is of course unparalleled. Here are the tips for improving your living room feng shui. Look carefully before you decorate .

First, orientation

The living room is best located in the front half of the home near the gate to directly absorb the gas from the gate. If you have to go through the corridor to reach the living room, then the corridor must be kept clean and tidy, and the lighting must be sufficient to avoid obstructing the living room. If it is a mezzanine house design, the living room should be on the floor.

Second, the pattern

The pattern of the living room is preferably square or rectangular, the seating area cannot be washed into the corner of the room, and the sofa cannot be pressed. If there is a prominent corner of the house to release the dark arrow, you can set up a bonsai or furniture solution. If the living room is L-shaped, it can be divided into two square areas by furniture and treated as two separate rooms. For example, one area can be regarded as a meeting room and the other area as a living room. Or in the wall hanging mirror, symbolic to fill the corner, and then, as a complete room to determine the center.

温馨现代的浪漫婚房 一辈子幸福的开始(组图)

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