Solid wood wardrobes in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have become popular and gradually become popular trends. The market share of solid wood wardrobes in these cities has risen from less than 5% three years ago to more than 30% today. In Harbin, the wardrobe company has also begun to turn more energy into solid wood wardrobes, and they are more careful in the study of design, material selection, color and other details.

The solid wood wardrobe is indeed the best in the wardrobe, the best and most valuable overall wardrobe. This point is not only recognized by consumers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but also recognized by Harbin consumers. Customers with strength and taste have adopted solid wood wardrobes as the first choice for purchasing whole wardrobes. Other types of wardrobes other than solid wood wardrobes use wood-based panels as the base material for the door panels. Compared with solid wood, the advantages and disadvantages are not self-evident. The solid wood is completely collected from all kinds of pure natural wood, which exudes the breath of nature. The natural texture of solid wood is also welcomed by more customers. With the continuous improvement of solid wood technology, various engraving patterns and rich color treatment of paint film, solid wood wardrobes are more and more personalized, which can meet different preferences for decoration style. In fact, in recent years, solid wood wardrobes can be designed not only classically, but also very stylishly. Coupled with the long history of solid wood, not only will it not depreciate over time, but to some extent, because of the increasing value of wood, it will continue to add value, and it is the most valuable wardrobe.

Solid wood wardrobe can be divided into three categories

The current wooden wardrobes are divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite, and solid wood veneers. Puna kitchen cabinet designer said that the pure solid wood wardrobe has higher requirements for the consistency of wood species, and the overall nature is good. The solid wood composite wardrobe is made of solid wood splicing material and the surface is covered with solid wood skin, which can also achieve the vision of solid wood. The effect; the solid veneer closet is double-stamped on the surface of the MDF. The latter two advantages are to avoid the chromatic aberration and defects of the surface raw materials, to achieve the same texture color effect and not easy to be deformed; and the pure solid wood type wardrobe has high strength and long service life, and the latter two are uniform in water resistance, resistant to deformation and beautiful. All kinds of wooden structure wardrobes, wooden prices are not the same.

Tablet charging trolley is mainly supported by free pull rod box, cover box, universal wheel, rack scroll wheel, gear mechanism, USB charging socket, LED light, the red warning light, more gear clearance,  voltage regulator and booster chip circuit modules. Is simple in structure. It have more easy to operate and convenient to carry, etc, to reduce the arm under support has obvious effect, convenient for people to travel, to realize Built-in charging function, save energy and environmental pollution. It can fit about 10-30 capacity of tablets.

Tablet Charging Trolley, their material is ABS resin that is one of the important material processing and ABS rod boxes, ABS resin is one of the five synthetic resin, belongs to thermoplastic engineering plastic with low temperature resistance to impact and heat resistance the characteristics of good resistance to chemicals and electrical properties of ABS resin is easy to be processed for dimension stability, surface gloss is better, easy to painting and coloring.

Our  Charging Trolley Case  can charge and manage for different electronic devices. We can design the suitable storage charging cart according to the size and power parameters of your electronic equipment. Not only can you arrange and store lots of electronic equipment, but also can charge in the same time. Generally there are multiple charging interfaces: 10-20 units, can be depended on the customer's need to customize and satisfy the different number of charging interfaces, like OEM, ODM. Universal charging solution can be used in any country. All of charging solution have multiple USB port and AC charging interface.

We have intelligent Storage Charging Cart. It can do intelligent disinfection, timing, control switch and synchronous data functions.

This intelligent function can be choose by your inquiry.

1.When electric equipment put in the charging cart, we can choose to disinfection for the equipment. It uses UV sterilizer to kill bacteria. Keep your health.

2.About charging time, you can set up with timer early, as long as press the open switch, the charging cart will automatically control and charge your equipment.

3.If you need to transfer data files to charging device, connecting to the data transmission port directly with your computer, and operate synchronous transmission function. This function is only with USB Port Charging Cart.

Charging station this product is used for school education, library, hotel, office, factory, meeting room, family, shops, airports, data processing and government work scenario, these places are using a lot of tablets and laptops. Charging stations will work for their collective charge and management. Our products main sold to education place.

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Security Charging Cart is equipped with LED light to display charging status, red light means charging, green light means full charging or not charging. And we have three point safety locker.  

Two with brake casters can make charging cart not move when you put well it on a place.

Tablet charging cart is made of 1.2 mm cold steel sheet material. It is really strong and can understand certain weight. The good quality can be seen.

Our charging carts have safety certification of UL, CE, ROHS,CCC, FCC and REACH, considering the safety and quality assurance. Design two side door to protect power area and curved edge surface to preventing user getting hurt and device. Can be fixed on the wall. Let customer use happy and at ease.  

Smart Tablets Charging Trolley,Steel Door Charging Trolley,USB Port Storge Charging Trolley,Tablets Pc Charging Trolley

Product certification is complete, safe and reliable, good quality. Looking forward to you cooperation!

Tablet Charging Trolley

Smart Tablets Charging Trolley,Steel Door Charging Trolley,USB Port Storge Charging Trolley,Tablets Pc Charging Trolley

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