The standard design requirements:

1, there are many elements must be printed in gold red;

2. The top left corner of the envelope shall be 90mm from the left, and within the range of 26mm from the top, it shall be the machine reading scanning area. Except the red box, no pattern or text shall be printed;

3. The words “ZIP code” should be printed on the lower right corner of the envelope. The font should be typed in Songs and the font size should be the fourth number.

4. In the upper right corner of the envelope, a stamp box should be printed on the front right corner of the envelope.

5. In the lower right corner of the envelope, the printing unit, quantity, date of manufacture, producer, and producer license number should be printed. The font should be typed in Songs and the font size should be less than 5.

6. Where the name and address of the unit and the logo of the printed company are to be printed on the envelope, the position must be located on the right side of the bottom edge by more than 20mm;

7, from the right 55mm-160mm, from the bottom of the area of ​​20mm below the bar code printing area, this area should remain blank;

8. No advertisements may be printed anywhere on the envelope;

9, the front of the domestic envelope 3 #, 5 #, 6 # can be printed with writing lines;

10. An artistic pattern can be printed on the envelope. The position of the envelope is at an area 26mm below the front of the envelope, and the occupied area must not exceed 18% of the frontal area.


Only 7# and 9# envelopes can lift walls.

Take the domestic envelope 3#, 5#, and 6# as examples.

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