Sometimes when a printer prints a job, especially when printing 70g of A3 paper, he or she always has a discount at a slightly dragged position, causing the pressman to print a little bit and print it out. The arm was also knocked out. The printer suspects that the temperature and humidity of the workshop is not up to standard, but the inspection found that the room temperature and humidity are normal. So what happened to printing paper?

If you are sure of the temperature and humidity of the printing press, the pressure of the press, and the absence of problems with tooth decay, it must be related to the quality of the paper. The printing press is very sensitive to paper. If the temperature and humidity control is not good, it is easy for the paper to produce a flounced edge, which has an impact on the printing and paper printing and overprinting.

Especially when printing thick paper, it is easier to produce stuffy cars. When the machine is in normal printing, the paper feeding head, the front gauge, the gauge, the paper feeding system, and the front gauge detection system all work very closely. If some paper or even a few dozen sheets of paper enter the impression cylinder, A sudden stoppage between the blanket cylinders, known as a sloppy car, can have a fatal effect on the printing press and must be given due attention by the printing worker.

There are several main reasons for causing sullen cars: First, the gap between the paper feed roller and the paper feed platen, and the gap between the feed roller and the paper feed roller of the mechanical double sheet controller is not adjusted. The height of the paper-feeding plate at the front of the paper-feeding platen is unsuitable for adjustment, and it is generally the thickness of three sheets of printing paper. Or the ultrasonic double controller and the oscillating rod mechanism fail, causing double sheets and multiple sheets. The second reason is that due to over-thickness of the printed ink layer or paper deformation caused by paper deformation, it also causes several sheets of paper to be sucked up and transported at the same time. Third, when the printing machine is working normally, if the paper arrives before the gauge is early, late, skewed, missing corners, curled edges, and lack of paper, the photoelectric detection immediately orders the front gauge to stop swinging to prevent the paper from entering the drum again. At the same time, the oscillating feed paper teeth do not pick up the paper, the machine decelerates, the roller presses off, the printing plate rollers lift up, the water transfer roller and the ink roller stop swinging. If the electrical control circuit fails, it is easy to roll a stack of paper between the impression cylinder and the blanket cylinder, and a stuffy car accident occurs.

Therefore, the printing company must have a special paper storehouse, which requires the temperature and humidity of the storage place to be close to the printing shop. Such paper is printed on the machine after cutting and has little impact on the printing quality, ensuring the smooth transport of the paper. Some operators encountered problems such as pleating, deformation, overprinting, etc., and considered that the quality of the paper was unqualified. In fact, improper adjustment of the printing press was also one of the causes of the printing failure. Therefore, printing companies must formulate detailed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance plans and implement them strictly so as to ensure the normal operation of equipment and increase production efficiency.

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