From March 24th to 26th, the 2nd China (Guangzhou) Wardrobe Exhibition jointly sponsored by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association and Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Media Co., Ltd. will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo.

As the only professional wardrobe exhibition in China, the China (Guangzhou) Wardrobe Exhibition has built an efficient communication and cooperation platform for the wardrobe industry. It is the stage for the wardrobe people to display the fine products and discuss the development strategy. It is also the top event of the Chinese wardrobe industry.

In March 2011, the first China Wardrobe Exhibition achieved great success in Guangzhou and was unanimously recognized by the domestic industry. In contrast, the second exhibition has a larger scale, more participating brands and more professional targeting. It will become the stage for the display of Chinese wardrobe brands, the opportunity for dealers to seek cooperation, and the first choice for terminal services.

In order to rebuild the industrial outbreak of the Chinese wardrobe industry and meet the further needs of more exhibitors, the second wardrobe exhibition moved to Guangzhou Poly Poly World Trade Center. The pavilion is located in Donggang New Road, Zhuhai District, Guangzhou. It is adjacent to the third phase of the Canton Fair. The three floors of the Poly Pavilion are divided into 6 standard exhibition halls with an overall area of ​​70,000 square meters. The Pazhou Station of the Metro Line 8 The C exit is directly connected to the entrance of the exhibition, providing more convenient and fast traffic conditions for the participants of the exhibition.

At that time, the first-class soft and hard facilities in the pavilion will also provide more professional services for exhibitors.

Since the launch of the second China Wardrobe Exhibition, it has received Sophia, Lauka, Siniman, Han Li, Kathy, Piano, Marg, Novi, Pickup, Deville, and Ju, Yadis, Jane Paul, Itlay, Aigue, Mercer, Hong Yang Home, Ist, Old Carpenter, Shield, Wanhua, Yate, Senno, Huafangzhou, Erling The strong support of domestic top brands such as Yuanfang, the scale and promotion of the exhibition is much higher than the previous one.

At the same time, the second wardrobe exhibition was also like the top solid, Shangpin home, Bai Desheng, Weiyi, Guante Danish style, Stanley, Colleno, Yi Shili, Yadan, Bangyuan master craftsman, new standard, Bie Le The old brands such as Aijia Piaget, Kang Nai Deng, Jin Cabinet, Han Ning Meijia, Ai Gao Home, Apple Noble, Sbandi, Newcastle and other industries have joined the company and established great confidence for the industry. Other cross-border giants such as the nature of Windsor, the emperor Elysian, Musi Aiya, the blue flower home, Moganshan Oujin and other manufacturers have also participated in this wardrobe event, and expressed the hope that through the Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition A quality platform that quickly lays the nationwide marketing network.

There are various indications in the industry that the China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition industry has become the preferred platform for investment in the domestic wardrobe industry.

The six highlights held in the same period of the exhibition are the climax of this year's wardrobe event. Among them, the "China Wardrobe President Summit Forum" and "Marketing Experts Practical Speech" and other exciting activities are not only for the manufacturers and distributors in the industry, but also for the fans. It has won unanimous praise from the industry; and the “National Top 100 Wardrobe Dealership” commendation event and the 1,500 dealer conferences nationwide have added to the event.

The original wardrobe boutiques introduced by the manufacturers during the exhibition are undoubtedly the best weapon for eye-catching and investment. At present, in the domestic, the wardrobe products are seriously plagiarized, and the design thinking is limited. In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, the organizing committee once again held the "Chinese Wardrobe Design Competition" to explore design talents and promote original products.

With more than 1,300 resident employees across the country, Asia-Pacific Media has been closely cooperating with home and building materials stores for a long time, and has visited the major supermarkets, dealers and consumers nationwide for carpet distribution and survey visits. Its real business conditions, brand needs and consumer demand.

As of today, Asia-Pacific Media has mastered more than 200,000 effective dealer surveys, which truly and effectively reflect the urgent needs of the current market and the distributor's substantive concerns, as well as the promotion and promotion of the 2nd Guangzhou Wardrobe Exhibition. The buyer organization has made a comprehensive preparation to ensure that it is also a household name in third-tier cities across the country.

It is the ultimate goal of this exhibition to find distributors for manufacturers, find brands for distributors, and find manufacturers for accessory materials. Through the on-site activities and the organic cooperation of regional industry forums and distributor conferences across the country, the organizers of the exhibition will form a three-dimensional exhibition promotion model with interlocking and layer-by-layer promotion to ensure that exhibitors' investment is obviously effective.

During the China Open Warden Exhibition, the third China (Guangzhou) Cabinet Exhibition and the first China (Guangzhou) Kitchen Appliances Exhibition will be held concurrently. Under the general trend of cabinet and electricity integration, the first China (Guangzhou) Kitchen Appliances Exhibition also attracted many well-known kitchen and electric appliance companies to participate in the exhibition, which made the whole exhibition and the pan cabinet industry complement each other and formed the integration focus of the cabinet industry.

It is foreseeable that this industry professional exhibition will surely present a wonderful audio-visual feast for the entire home customization industry!

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