Injecting beauty, which is known as "immediately effective and can not find flaws", has been popular in major beauty salons and beauty medical institutions in recent years. Face-lifting needles and whitening needles, these “beauty needles” are increasingly favored by fashion people, driven by the star effect. Some have produced "zero risk, zero pain, lunch-style beauty" ads, and more people seeking beauty from the Internet to buy their own injections, their unsafe factors are exposed.

3 big warning reminders

Are these beauty pins so amazing? What are the dangers of using cosmetic needles? Where is the injection safe and effective?

Reminder 1: Is the beauty needle you are playing a fake?

In the injection of beauty products, the legal hyaluronic acid is only Sweden's "Ruilan 2" and Beijing's Yimei; the legal collagen is only Taiwan's "double beauty"; the legal botulinum toxin is two: one is the domestic "balance" Force "type A botulinum toxin, one is the United States "Botox". Other brands of botulinum toxin, collagen and hyaluronic acid are products that have not been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration and are illegal products in China. Some beauty salons have introduced whitening needles, sheep placenta, and fat-dissolving needles, all of which are not “licensed” and are illegal.

Reminder 2: Injection beauty should not be cheap, long-term

In China, injection of cosmetic botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen is still a luxury. Not everyone can spend so much money. Many beauty salons and online stores have seized the psychology of seeking beauty from the United States, shoddy and hurt customers.

Ms. Li once received a so-called hyaluronic acid cosmetic injection in a beauty salon. The price was very cheap. As a result, the injectables swam away, the local redness and swelling, and the possibility of disfigurement was faced. Almost no hospital was willing to "handle" her.

Some beauty salons not only do injection molding, but also use materials that are not guaranteed. Even some beauty salons still use Ogilvy, which has been banned. In a plastic surgery hospital, a cosmetic injection costs about 3,000 yuan, and a beauty salon may only receive 1,000 yuan or less. The beauty salon cannot make money, so the injections used may be shoddy and even use illegal products.

Need to be reminded that the characteristics of injection beauty is short-acting, some people think that spending a lot of money, the effect can only last for six months to one year is not cost-effective, but the short-acting injection product metabolic degradation is the safest of. In formal hospital plastic surgery, injection beauty is generally aimed at some beauty people who want to see how effective before moving the knife. Some beauty people can take a look at the general effect, just like rhinoplasty, and then consider formal surgery.

Reminder 3: Injection plastic surgery to formal plastic surgery

The beauty salon is a beauty place for cleansing the skin and caring for the skin. Under the influence of the interests, some beauty salons secretly carry out traumatic and invasive medical beauty services, such as injection of whitening needles, injection fillers, humps, and rhinoplasty. Because improper or excessive injection of beauty in the beauty salon, not only does not have beauty, but it is not uncommon to drop permanent wrinkles or even rotten noses and rotten heads.

Injection beauty is not a simple beauty project. It has professional requirements for drug dosage, injection position, injection depth and angle. Doctors should understand human anatomy, familiar with facial nerves and muscle distribution, and can only be employed after formal training. Before the injection, you need to know in detail whether the consumer is allergic to the drug, choose the correct injection location, control the dose, and so on, which are not possible in beauty salons.

Some women who buy botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, collagen and other cosmetic needles from the Internet are at great risk, and it is even more dangerous to play their own beauty needles.

Therefore, to do injection beauty should go to the formal beauty and plastic surgery institutions, select experienced plastic surgeons with experience.

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