In people's usual beliefs, the quality of small brands or miscellaneous brands is difficult to guarantee, while brand names are symbols of quality. Because of this, brand-name brands always provide better products and better services to consumers. Consumers are rewarded with generous donations and higher prices. When one of the household brands that have established a considerable reputation in the society suddenly became the protagonist of the quality "black list", people had to stun.

The latest spot-check report issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has made the original face of a famous brand appear. Sui Bao, the brand was founded 40 years ago, is the pioneer of China's first spring mattress, known as "high quality deep sleep" experts, its products and brands have won more than 40 international and domestic major awards, a mattress is in The amount of formaldehyde detected in the sampling was seriously exceeded; Dunlop, the “world's top bedding brand” from the UK, has a history of 85 years and claims to be “the standard for high-quality mattresses”, but it is planted in a silk cotton satin. Jacquard four-piece bedding, the test shows that its PH value and fiber content are not up to standard; Dick, has the "Tianjin famous trademark" and other titles, solid wood bedroom series, sofa series, dining table and chair series many times in China The furniture fair won the grand prize, but in the sampling inspection of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, the quality of the film (anti-shock, resistance to cigarette burning), mechanical properties (cabinet stability) and other indicators failed to become the quality "black list" One member...

It should be said that these famous brands are hard to lay down a piece of land. The quality of the products and the reputation of the brand must be very cherished. It is not advisable to fake or cut corners. In the spot check of the quality inspection department, the chain was accidentally dropped. It is not ruled out that it is an accidental loss of horses. Sometimes, it may be the misuse of the quality inspection personnel's testing methods or applicable standards, resulting in the brand being "squatted." However, so many brands are sent to the test station at the same time, using the same methods and standards, why is your indicator not enough?

In fact, quality is a strategic issue that is long-lasting and can't be relaxed for a moment. Some brands are bigger, and everything is step by step, often with negligence. For example, the self-inspection link has been omitted, and the process of purchasing raw materials has been simplified. When the quality inspection department issues a notice of non-conformity, the relevant person in charge of the brand will be surprised to ask: Our products have been very good, how can we fail. Let's take it for Sui Bao. It is also subject to the sampling inspection by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The products produced by the Tianjin production base are qualified. The products produced by the Hebei production base are not qualified. This cannot help the management to ask themselves: we are in each Is the production base using the same quality control standards?

Da Vinci’s falsification was in the circulation, and the brands it represented were not involved, but those brands were embarrassed by Da Vinci’s “potholes”. Sui Bao, Dunlop or Dick are all brands that control quality, but they have a “pothole” phenomenon due to quality problems. This behavior is not only their own brand image, but also the trust of consumers. And the credibility of famous brands.

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