No fear of skin aging and aging, challenge gravity, be a young woman, let others guess your age! Don't worry about your own aging. From the daily skin care habits, the way to reverse the skin's relaxation is here.

Reasons for skin formation:

Preventing loose skin beauty tips

1. There are two kinds of proteins in the dermis of the skin: collagen and elastin, which support the skin to make it full and firm. After the age of 25, these two proteins are naturally reduced due to the aging process of the human body, and the fibers between the cells and the cells are degraded over time, causing the skin to lose its elasticity;

2. The support of the skin is reduced. Fat and muscle are the biggest supporting force of the skin, and the human body aging, weight loss, uneven nutrition, lack of exercise and other reasons caused by the loss of subcutaneous fat, muscle relaxation, the skin loses support and sagging;

3, other factors such as gravity, heredity, mental stress, exposure to sunlight and smoking also transform the skin structure, and finally make the skin lose its elasticity and cause relaxation.

Before the skin is relaxed, effective prevention of skin relaxation can prevent or delay the relaxation of the skin and keep the skin young for a long time. Here are some suggestions to help everyone better prevent skin sagging.

What is your level of ringing against the slack alarm?

Preventing loose skin beauty tips

Primary index: pores prominent

After the age of 25, the skin's blood circulation begins to slow down, and the subcutaneous tissue fat layer also begins to become slack and lacks elasticity, resulting in a decrease in tension between the pores, making the pores prominent.

Intermediate index: blurred facial contours

Even if the weight does not increase, the facial lines from the earlobe to the chin begin to become loose, no longer fluent, and the side is particularly noticeable.

Advanced index: sagging sagging

The skin on the cheekbone is no longer full and firm, and the highest point of the face slowly moves downstream, and the nasolabial fold (also called the descriptive pattern) begins to appear; it is not fat, but inevitably there is a double chin.

Prevent relaxation and beauty tips to help you

Keep your skin clean and clean

Preventing loose skin beauty tips

1. Keep your skin clean and clean: Facial oil, dust is too heavy, makeup time is too long or makeup removal is not thorough, it will cause skin pores to clog, it is difficult to breathe naturally, causing inflammation or skin nutrient imbalance. In the long run, skin tension will be lost. No elasticity, resulting in sagging skin. Daily care should be taken to thoroughly cleanse the skin every day, and use natural, soft and non-irritating moisturizing nutrients to replenish nutrients, moisturize skin and prevent skin sagging while keeping clean.

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