Because of its grace and elegance, mahogany furniture has always been a symbol of people's taste and status, and has always been favored by people. Nowadays, more and more young people and collectors are turning their attention to the mahogany furniture. Nowadays, there are many styles of classical furniture on the market, which is dazzling, and how to choose is the most important problem facing most people. With more and more people who love mahogany furniture, buying one or two pieces of exquisite mahogany furniture has become a fashion and an investment. So, what kind of furniture is good furniture? Especially how to choose high-grade mahogany furniture? The author came to the Ming and Qing Dynasties Tanghongmu Culture Square with these questions to seek answers. What is mahogany?

Redwood is divided into 5 genera, 8 major categories and 33 major varieties in the national standard. The 5 genera are named after the genus of tree science, namely, the genus Pterocarpus, Dalbergia, Diospyros, genus and genus. The 8 categories are named after the trade names of wood, namely rosewood, rosewood, fragrant wood, black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, striped ebony and chicken wing wood. Can enter the collection level, since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the most valuable are Hainan huanghuali, lobular rosewood, Laos red rosewood.

The redwoods in the national standard are all broad-leaved wood in the wood classification, so their material surface has strong macroscopic structural features: they have tube holes on the cross-section, most of which are scattered pore materials, and many gums. And sediment, so there is a special luster on the section of some mahogany materials. And as time goes by and people continue to use friction, the contents of the tube hole will seep out from the surface of the rosewood, forming a keratin-like patina, lubricated like a mirror, feels very comfortable, and the longer the mahogany surface is used The more smooth the light. How to identify mahogany furniture? At present, there are many imitations in the mahogany furniture market, so it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of mahogany furniture. According to the sales staff of Tang Hongmu furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the identification of mahogany furniture mainly depends on the wooden structure and weight.

First, look at whether the wood structure has the characteristics of mahogany. That is, the wood itself has a variety of natural colors such as purple, yellow red, reddish or deep red; whether the wood grain is simple and beautiful, elegant and fresh, whether the wood grain is still fresh after painting. After the fake mahogany products are painted, the general color is thick, and there are often white pans, and no texture can be found. Hardwood used in furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is mostly produced in the tropics. For example, red sandalwood, huanghuali, old rosewood and other precious woods can take thousands of years to become a material. Ming-style furniture is generally made up of huanghuali, and the furniture made of it is elegant and beautiful, and the book is full of gas; while the furniture of the Qing Dynasty mostly uses red sandalwood.

Second, look at the weight. The real mahogany furniture is sturdy and strong, and the texture is particularly tight, which is heavier than the average beech. The fake mahogany furniture of the same shape and size is lighter than the real one.

In addition, the purchase of mahogany furniture, it is best to buy a regular furniture store with good reputation and high credit rating, see whether the materials and paints marked on the product label are consistent with the finished product, and carefully consult and carefully identify to avoid mis-purchase. , causing unnecessary losses. What is the purchase value of Redwood?

Mahogany furniture is currently the most precious high-end item in the family of wood furniture. Since the Ming Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty, such furniture has always been owned by the royal palace aristocracy, and civilians are unable to pay attention. Nowadays, the pursuit of nature and enjoyment, the purchase of mahogany furniture has become a symbol of wealth status and become a fashion.

One of the main reasons why mahogany furniture is expensive is the scarcity of raw materials. The growth cycle of redwoods is slow, and it often takes hundreds of years or even thousands of years to become a material. The resources are scarce and the trend is decreasing year by year. In addition, mahogany furniture has been a symbol of honor and wealth since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and is also highly respected for its elegant shape and profound cultural heritage. The simple and soft lines and exquisite carvings are the biggest decoration of mahogany furniture. According to the sales staff of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the processing technology of mahogany furniture inherits the furniture culture of China for more than 5,000 years. It is very elegant in terms of type, art, rhyme and material. A set of mahogany sofas is mainly processed through 60 processes. It takes at least 4 to 6 months to complete. Every piece of mahogany furniture is a fine craft. Compared with the real estate speculation, the purchase of mahogany furniture has obvious advantages. The service life of the house is generally 50 to 70 years, and mahogany furniture can be passed down for hundreds of years. How to choose high-grade mahogany furniture?

The purchase of mahogany furniture must first have a clear positioning judgment: is it to use mahogany furniture as a general product, or as an ornamental and investment-worthy item? According to the secular point of view, Huanghua Pear has the highest collection value. However, due to the rarity of raw materials and the high price, it is most suitable for small and medium investors to invest in mahogany furniture such as lobular rosewood, big leaf rosewood and Laos red rosewood.

It is understood that the lobular rosewood is produced in India, its color is stable, the wood is stable, and it is called the emperor of the wood. Due to the tightness of its raw materials, prices have soared in recent years. Red rosewood is called “old mahogany” in northern China, and “sour rose” in Guangdong and Guangxi. It is mainly produced in India and some countries in Southeast Asia. The more common red rosewood wood on the market is straighter, with a chestnut-brown streak that resembles black rosewood. The high-quality long-term wood color becomes darker, deep red to purple, and the color resembles sandalwood rosewood. It is the top grade for red rosewood. Because of the high preservation of lobular rosewood, large leaf rosewood and Laoshan red rosewood, it has been sought after by many collectors over the years.

With the development of society and the change of consumer psychology, people's requirements for mahogany furniture have exceeded the general use value, and they pay more attention to their artistic value and appreciation value, reflecting the modern people's love and attention to our ancient culture, appreciation and collection. Has become the fashion of domestic art lovers. In short, the purchase of furniture must have their own clear understanding, the purpose is clear, on this basis to buy their favorite furniture, both to obtain aesthetic pleasure and return on investment.

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