Marrying into the giants is the dream of many female stars, but also the dreams of countless women, but it is not easy to enter the giants, except for the Wangfu image we have known in the past, the grandfather's daughter-in-law from top to bottom, from inside to outside. It is also very important. As more and more female stars marry into the giants, let us take a look at what kind of makeup is a must-have for the giants?

Heroic role model: Li Jiaxin

Mysterious and elegant

Grandma makeup

Xu Jiaer’s wife, Li Jiaxin, does not deserve the title of “First Hong Kong Sister” and always gives elegance and noble visual enjoyment. Since entering the Xu family, it has been dignified. To add to her icing on the cake is the orange, earthy color blush, not only has a good color, but also adds a sense of nobility.

Giant role model: Hu Jing

Smart and elegant

Grandma makeup

Debuting until joining the Malaysian giants, we barely heard any anecdote about Hu Jing. Perhaps it is the unique temperament of some boys and the feminine beauty of the South to stand out from the stars. The usual makeup is quite low-key, the eyebrows are natural and not artificial, and they will use berets and false eyelashes to create a sense of agility.

Giant role model: Xu Ziqi

Youthful and elegant

Grandma makeup

Xu Ziqi, who is married to the giants, will be refreshed when attending public events, and will use the eyeliner to strengthen the eyeliner to emphasize the feeling of youth. And often use pink eyeshadow, is already the mother of two children, or the look of a new wife!

Giants role model: Zhao Wei

Elegant atmosphere

Grandma makeup

Zhao Wei, a giant mother who has not seen for a long time, has always been awkward, but in recent years, the low-key, atmospheric, calm line has continued on the red carpet. The big swallow's big eyes, if not handled well, can easily make people feel very tired, so you must use the eyeliner to make the big eyes more fascinating.

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