[ Chinese wardrobe net ] This time, the Eddie wardrobe brings the "Athena" series of new products of Eddie wardrobe. The door panels, Roman columns, top lines and foot lines of the "Athena" series are carefully carved and gold-plated. They are graceful and magnificent, symbolizing the status and dignity of the master. They are the products that many successful people are keen on.

Guangzhou Eddie Wardrobe

Name of the "Athena" series of Eddie Wardrobe

Athena is the twelve gods of Olympus in Greek mythology, Twelve Olympians in English; this series of products is inspired by the goddess of wisdom and war in ancient Greek religion and mythology - Athena. Athena is graceful and arrogant, she is the most intelligent goddess, the perfect combination of wisdom and strength. Eddie Wardrobe tries to dig the art of wisdom from Athena. The design of "Athena" series is to transform the pursuit of beauty of the home into an elegant and classic, the spiritual symbol of the pursuit of eternal beauty, hence the name "Athena" series.

Athena series

Elegant and rich in the "Athena" series

The "Athena" series is the design style of Eddie's European style, with its original design. The design of the product is noble and gorgeous, the lines are clear, the layering is strong, the pursuit of color is magnificent and full of vitality, giving people a perfect visual enjoyment. . The Athena wardrobe "Athena" series highlights elegance and wealth, and is loved by valued customers. It is no exaggeration to describe it with the words high-end, atmosphere, elegance and grace. The Eddie wardrobe "Athena" series is extremely elegant and luxurious, but the daily maintenance is very simple and humanized everywhere.

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