Although 3D printing is hot, the fashion circle does not seem to fully utilize this technology. Even though some designers have already launched their own 3D printed works, the total number is still too small, and the public's familiarity is not high. But the designer who is going to talk about Xiaobian today, I believe that the majority of the gangsters must be familiar.

She is Rebecca Minkoff, whose bags are highly regarded by a new generation of Hollywood stars, almost reaching the heat of one person. Rebecca himself is also a technology advocate. She has already launched the Cardboard Google VR headset. Last year, she also installed an interactive touch screen mirror in the fitting room of her store. Customers can order coffee through this mirror.

This week, she announced on her blog that she will work with Normal Earbuds to create a limited edition 14K rose gold 3D print headset. Normal Earbuds is a company founded a few years ago. It is designed to provide customers with customized 3D printed headphones, which can perfectly match the headphones with their ears, without the worry of falling out. Two days ago, Lantos had just released such a headset.

The limited edition headset for this collaboration is called Rebecca Minkoff Normal Earbuds, and the resin model of the headset will be coated with a 14K rose gold. It seems a bit strange to walk with the gold headphones on the street, but everyone knows that it is not swaying and not fashionable!

This limited edition 3D printed headset is expected to be officially released on December 31 this year and will only be available in New York, Los Angeles, or Rebecca Minkoff stores in San Francisco. You can also make a reservation at the Normal New York store and there will be extra gifts waiting for you.

Sewage Suction Truck

Cesspit emptier, Pollution Truck, Suction sewage truck, Vacuum suction Truck, Sewer Suction Truck, is collecting, cleaning up pollution car transport, sewage sludge, and avoid the secondary pollution of sanitation vehicles, new car pollution can be self-priming since the row, working speed, large capacity, transportation is convenient, applicable to collect feces, mud, oil and other liquid material transport. CLW GROUP TRUCK Sewage Suction Truck, Pollution car using domestic technology led to the pollution of vacuum pump, the suction, suction cjay, especially suitable for the drain suction of warp, the loading and unloading, especially can suck a drain mud, mud, stones, bricks and other large objects.
Introduction to the
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CLW GROUP TRUCK Dongfeng Sewage pollution classification: Fred card pollution truck, do pollution cars, three wood pollution cars, 140 pollution cars, 145 Sewage Suction Truck, 153 Sewage Suction Truck,Dongfeng dolika Sewage Suction Truck, The 1208 Sewage Suction Truck, sharp fluid Sewage Suction Truck.
CLW GROUP TRUCK Sewage truck function
Sewage Suction Truck dedicated by taking power device, a transmission axis, a vacuum sewage pump, pressure tanks, hydraulic parts, pipe network system, vacuum pressure gauge, dung window, hand washing device and so on, the accessory configuration high-power vacuum sewage pump and hydraulic system, a tank head die casting molding, tanks can be opened after, double top dump. Dumping sewage tank can be directly through the rear cover, high vacuum (greater than the dung sucking suction), large tonnage, high efficiency and use a wider range of features.
Pollution and dung sucking with the same principle, but pollution car with dung sucking again have different purposes. The difference is that pollution car tanks for circular jar, structure more closely, can provide greater suction higher pressure resistance, can be used to collect clean transport sewage and sludge.
The working principle of CLW GROUP TRUCK Cesspit emptier
As dung hose always immersed in a liquid surface absorption, dung after the air tank by suction, because its are not added and more and more thin, the tank pressure below the atmospheric pressure, the liquid manure is used at atmospheric pressure, the suction droppings hose into the tank. Close to the tank bottom, or the siphon tank, air is constantly into dung was compression because of its no way out, and the tank pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure, dung liquid under the action of compressed air, namely, the siphon, suck fecal discharge hose outside the tank.
Sewage Suction Truck has high pump efficiency, imbibition, since the row and straight irrigation, etc. Smoke pot filled with dung time: 5 min or less, suction: 8 m or higher. According to have a long service life, the work speed, easy operation, convenient transportation, etc.
The main purpose of cleaning truck absorption
Sewage Suction Truck is mainly used for cleaning the city sewer, pipe sediment, corner dredge mud ditch, also can be used for industrial drainage pipe cleaning, wall, etc., and can double as water, water and washed the road use, can be used for fire emergency.
1, pay attention to quality, vacuum tightness, such problems as poor material likely to cause deformation of tank.
2, the choice of vacuum package, bearing capacity and temperature difference of perception.
3, the selection of tank cover, according to the local work environment, temperature and so on.
4, according to the national development and reform commission on enforcing the exhaust emission regulations, 08 year July 1, before the second parameter data delete all vehicles.

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