Compared with the instrument panel multimeter, the digital multimeter has high sensitivity, high accuracy, clear display and simple use, so it is more popular. This article will explain the use of the digital multimeter in detail.

How to use a digital multimeter

1. Before use, you should carefully read the relevant instruction manual and be familiar with the functions of the power switch, range switch, jack, and special socket.

2. Set the power switch to the ON position.

3. Measurement of AC and DC voltage: If necessary, set the range switch to the appropriate range of DCV (DC) or ACV (AC), insert the red test pen into the V/Ω hole, insert the black test lead into the COM hole, and connect the test lead to the line under test. The reading is displayed.

4. Measurement of AC and DC current: Set the range switch to the appropriate range of DCA (DC) or ACA (AC). When the red test pen is inserted into the mA hole (<200mA) or 10A hole (>200mA), the black test pen is inserted into the COM hole. And connect the multimeter in series in the circuit under test.

Note: The digital multimeter can automatically display the polarity when measuring DC.

5. Measurement of resistance: Turn the range switch to the appropriate range of Ω, insert the red test lead into the V/Ω hole, and insert the black test lead into the COM hole. If the measured resistance value exceeds the maximum value of the selected range, the multimeter will display "1" and a higher range should be selected. When measuring resistance, the red test pen is positive and the black test pen is negative, which is the opposite of the analog multimeter. Therefore, when measuring polar components such as transistors and electrolytic capacitors, you must pay attention to the polarity of the test leads.

Note: There are many types of digital multimeters, but the method of use is the same.

Digital Multimeter Usage Precautions

1. If the magnitude of the measured voltage or current cannot be estimated in advance, first dial to the highest range to measure once, and then gradually reduce the range to the appropriate position as appropriate. After the measurement is completed, the range switch should be turned to the highest voltage and the power should be turned off.

2. When the scale is full, the meter only displays the number “1” in the highest position, and the other bits disappear. At this time, the higher range should be selected.

3. When measuring voltage, the digital multimeter should be connected in parallel with the circuit under test. When measuring current, it should be connected in series with the circuit under test. It is not necessary to consider positive and negative polarity when measuring DC.

4. When the AC voltage is misused to measure the DC voltage, or the DC voltage is used to measure the AC voltage, the display will show “000”, or the number on the low position will jump.

5. It is forbidden to change the range when measuring high voltage (above 220V) or high current (above 0.5A) to prevent arcing and burn switch contacts.

6. When “ ”, “BATT” or “LOW BAT” is displayed, it indicates that the battery voltage is lower than the operating voltage.

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