Demystifying dark circles and removing dark circles

As the pace of life gets faster and faster, people's work is getting more and more abnormal. There are many women who are "night owls". They don't want to sleep in the early morning. When they sleep until noon, the messy life and work leads to the appearance of dark circles, and even deeper, and even eye bags. How to remove dark circles becomes the heart disease of the "night cat" family. If you want to get rid of dark circles, you must first understand the care of dark circles.

Small way to remove dark circles

Choose vitamin E to eye cream products: If you want to go to dark circles quickly, then you must choose dark eye cream products containing vitamin E. Generally, it has better curative effect on removing dark circles. Of course, removing dark circles is a long-term work. Must be patient and persistent in order to achieve good results.

Eye skin massage: Every day when using eye cream, massage the eye area carefully, beat it clockwise, let it absorb slowly, and tighten the eye skin. After checking the product, the eye is the most It is good to use the ring finger to gently tap the eye, and it is enough to take about 100 shots.

Special makeup remover for the eye area: Cosmetics are very harmful to the skin around the eyes, so be careful when removing makeup, use a special eye and lip makeup remover. Especially in the choice of cotton, it is especially important to use a compact cotton pad so that the cotton wool will not stick to the eyes and eyelashes.

Iced spoon pats the eye skin: You can always have two stainless steel spoons in the freezer of the refrigerator. After using it every morning, gently pat the surrounding with an iced metal spoon to make it look eye-catching and swelling. Long-term persistence also has a greater effect on dark circles.

Three types of dark circles, which one are you?

The skin around the eyes is thin and weaker than other parts of the skin. Once you don't take good care of this part, dark circles, fine lines, and tears will appear one after another, making you look "憔悴". There are three types of dark circles. Only by knowing the source of "black" can you prescribe the right medicine.

Cyan dark circles: The most common dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation and blueness around the eyes.

Analysis of the causes: weak blood circulation - day and night, nasal allergies, eye fatigue and other conditions will cause dark circles. Most of this is due to poor blood circulation around the eyes. For example, allergic rhinitis is not smooth, and the circulation around the nose is poor. It will affect the microcirculation around the eyes in a long time, and the dark circles will run out. Allergic rhinitis is not resolved, dark circles can not break the roots. This is obvious in some children. It can be said that children in their teens may have dark circles.

Black type dark circles: shadows on the face due to edema of the eyes and sagging of the bags under the eyes, belonging to the relaxed dark circles.

Analysis of the cause: thin skin around the eyes - some people have insufficient soft tissue thickness of the lower eyelids, and the skin around the eyes is thin, so the pigmentation of the skin or the cyan of the subcutaneous blood vessels is easy to appear. This seems to be black under the eyes.

Brown-colored dark circles: pigmented dark circles caused by pigmentation around the eyes or sunburn.

Analysis of the causes: aging - As the age increases, the fat or collagen under the eyes is lost, and the soft tissue will gradually shrink and collapse, so dark circles will also occur due to deep eye sockets. The shadow of this dark circle under the illumination of the light seems to be more serious.

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