The ultimate goal of dealers joining the furniture industry is to make a profit, but not every dealer can get what they want. When many furniture dealers choose to join the brand, they always pin their hopes of profitability on the manufacturers. In fact, the key to making money is the management level of their own stores. Then, as a furniture dealer who wants to make money, how to grasp the five elements of store management?
First, the geographical location
Where should the furniture and building materials store be opened, is it to enter the professional furniture market or choose the street shop to operate independently? In recent years, the rise of a number of building materials and home hypermarkets reflects the changes in customer buying habits, that is, everyone is eager to Stationary purchase. Home decoration has to take up a lot of time and energy from customers. In addition, customers lack experience in purchasing building materials. Choosing to buy in the building materials market will be the safest way for customers to avoid making wrong decisions. Therefore, in order to win more customers to enter the door, no matter what furniture products you are making, choosing to do business in the professional building materials market / building materials hypermarket will be much better than the street shop.
Second, the attributes and quality of the product portfolio
In addition to the one-sided pursuit of “profit”, some dealers in the furniture and building materials industry have never considered the added value brought by the furniture brand and the future competitive pattern. What is the phenomenon of doing money is very common, that is, the dealers do Business is based on whether or not it can make money. It has never deliberately paid attention to the convenience of providing customers with purchases. However, the market environment is changing, customers are becoming more and more critical, and one-stop shopping has become the choice of more customers, especially when the time cost becomes more and more high, the richness of furniture store products will eventually affect Whether customers will buy, or even walk into the store.
When talking with many furniture industry owners, I talked about this topic, that is, the overall home future will bring huge impact to the existing single product brand, because the overall home not only meets the needs of customers one-stop shopping convenience. At the same time, his product richness and quality, the brand can meet the requirements of customers, more importantly, the overall home provides a customized home decoration environment solution, this impact not only affects the furniture retailer, even now The home improvement furniture industry also has a huge impact.
Third, the price
You ask a hundred store sales staff, what are they most afraid of? The answer may be ninety-nine will be said to be the price. Is the price really terrible? Why are every salesperson afraid when it comes to price? The reason for discovering more is still the daily management of the store. When the sales atmosphere provided by the overall image of your store makes the customer feel that there is bargaining space, then no matter how strong you are, it is very difficult to make the transaction impossible. Things. When a customer makes a purchase decision, the psychological price expectations are affected by the store price tag.
Fourth, advertising and promotion
The high profile of “the wine is not afraid of the alley” is not suitable for the current sales environment, so it is imperative to have sales growth, advertising and promotion. It is found that the terminal competition in the furniture industry is far more intense than the competition for products. Therefore, consumer interception has become the main way for major businesses to attract customers into the store. Even this interception has not only stayed in the building materials market, but has penetrated into the new opening. Community.
Five, sales staff
Many dealers complain about two problems. One is difficult for people to recruit, the other is for people who can't stay, and the shortage of sales staff and the low skill of sales staff have become a headache for many bosses. However, when we started to visit the market and understand the situation of the terminal, there are still many problems exposed. The fundamental problem is that the boss rarely pays attention to the characteristics of orders and sales. It seems that many sales people are offered the opportunity to go out for training, but The lack of training content is not helpful for the improvement of the skills of the guide.
The sales of the building materials industry is different from the apparel industry and the fast-moving consumer goods industry. It requires the purchaser not only to have the ability to quickly deal with, but also to require the purchaser to have long-term order, so the research on the sales process and sales order analysis of building materials is to improve the shopping guide. A key breakthrough in sales efficiency. In addition to solving the salesman's skills, it is also necessary to raise the attitude of the sales staff, that is, how to stimulate the sales enthusiasm of these people, and this is related to the store's assessment system and reward system.
The sales ability and work attitude of the salesperson directly affect the final direction of the sales order. The sales are ultimately the treatment of the relationship between people, and the good salesperson can win the trust and recognition of the customer.


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