The design beauty of modern furniture is the unique beauty of design. The fundamental value of home design lies in how to meet people's needs. The improvement of people's tastes of life brings new opportunities and a broad stage, and furniture design is constantly innovating. The modern society attracts people's attention to the home design, which can be specific to environmental design concepts, novel design styles and unique home decoration design.

●Environmental paper furniture design

In this resource-poor market, paper furniture is characterized by its light, modern, environmentally friendly, recyclable, short design cycle and elegant yet in line with the low carbon and green concept proposed by today's society.

As shown in the picture, the first commercial-made paper seat, the round-spotted chair, was designed by a British designer. The seat is flat-shaped at the factory, sold in supermarkets and department stores, folded according to the indentation, and then assembled by inserting the flap into the slot. The surface is screen printed and the material is easy to clean polyethylene film, durable, light and easy to move.

●Looking at unique design power

Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic's recent work at the Paris Museum presents a deformed form of furniture that has been squeezed and touched by mediocrity and has a visual impact. It is understood that this set of works is made of a metal tube frame and a black soft-packed part. The decorative part that is exposed above the "ground" is made of copper and has an ancient style. This sleek and innovative design gives a feeling of showing his unique philosophy. It can be seen that the design itself carries the soul of the creator.

●New Chinese style home improvement design

The new Chinese style was born in the new era of the renaissance of Chinese traditional culture. This style emphasizes the ingenious blending of Chinese elements and modern materials. Ming and Qing furniture, window sills, and fabric bedding reflect each other, and the traditional Chinese culture pays attention to white space and borrowing scenery. The new Chinese style just shows this kind of style. artistic conception. Such as the new Chinese-style elegance and elegance, it can be described as a simple and stylish home decoration design. The three-bedroom decoration adopts a new Chinese style, and through the simple and decorative Chinese decorative elements, it creates a stylish and elegant home. This home decoration design combines traditional Chinese culture and also takes the mood of a certain unique beauty in China to a new home. Designers consciously add visual essays, introduce the natural scene into the living room, and use the transparent partition to interpret the beauty of the “curved path”, that is, “borrowing the scene” to divide and connect, move and change scenery, share space.

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