2015 Treadmill Brand Ranking Treadmill brands currently listed on the market are numerous and numerous, and big and small brands continue to brag about their own technology and strength, making consumers dazzled. Today, Yaohualai shares the 2015 treadmill brand list, so that everyone can understand the 2015 treadmill ranking trend.

First, Yijian

Established in 2005, Yijian Brand is a famous brand of treadmills under Zhejiang Dingkang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Superstar Chen Guokun is the spokesperson of Yijian. Only seven years into the market, it has become famous both at home and abroad. It has been reunited with Taobao treadmill for many years in a row. Sales of the first brand, is also the highest consumer satisfaction brand! Products passed the EU CE.RHOS, Germany TUV.GS.SGS certification, ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, is a focus on fitness products manufacturing companies, the only one for many years by the National Sporting Goods Testing Center sampling qualified companies. In 2013, Yijian treadmill was pushed by Alibaba to the treadmill brand of CCTV and became the most popular home treadmill brand on the Internet.

Billion brand treadmill models are numerous, ranking first in domestic sales, and the use of its six-step shock absorber technology by Mercedes-Benz has made the shock absorption effect of Yijian very good. The design and configuration of parameters are very high. The price of household models ranges from more than 1,000 to more than 5,000, and that of commercial models is more than 10,000 yuan. The most popular and cost-effective model is the Yijian 8008A and I9100 models, the price is 2979.9-4979.9 yuan, depending on the configuration of different prices, these two running belts are in 520mm, motor motors above 3.5HP, CNC inverter motor, 8008A Full-color 9-inch high-definition touch screen, human health design billion brand, the first use of the entire Chinese operating interface, full voice prompts, more in line with Chinese habits, especially for the elderly and children. It can be said that the billion health 8008A is still a high cost-effective one in the industry home treadmill.

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Second, Shu Hua

Shuhua treadmill is one of the product series of Shuhua (China) Co., Ltd., a well-known Chinese health products company. Shuhua has strong strength and possesses 35 patent technologies such as utility models. The products include seven series of more than 400 varieties, including fitness equipment, commercial space props, sports equipment, comprehensive training devices and massage chair series, etc. It is a relatively industrial chain within the industry. One of the complete businesses. Shuhua products passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety system certification, the first batch of national NSCC certification and continuous sampling inspection center for three consecutive three companies qualified.

Shuhua treadmill, as the professional treadmill of the Olympic Committee, is called the "National First Brand Treadmill". Its quality and workmanship are very high. The reputation is the largest among domestic treadmills, and its reputation is very good. It is engaged in the Shuhua treadmill. A friend of the maintenance told me that since the market was launched in 2014, no buyer has called for repairs. Its atmosphere and solid appearance are not imaginary, and the national brand name is not unique.

The Shuhua model BC9119B was exhibited at the Beijing Expo and won a gold medal. What stands out is that it is very quiet. Its damping method is three layers of space shock absorption, combined with aerospace power of the strong motor, running up very comfortable and soft, in the appearance of the process of condimenting is also very elegant, is the highest cost of home treadmill Shuhua and suitable for long-term exercise at home model. Spiral airbag structure with shock absorber, motor 3.0HP high power.

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Third, Uber

Ubuntu treadmill All treadmills are designed and manufactured according to the highest international level of EN957 safety standards in the world. Genius' service is first-rate and each customer receives favorable feedback. It has remained at 98 points or more! Uber treadmill is famously influenced by He Jiajin in Hong Kong and is an advertising product of CCTV Sports Channel. It has obtained German “GMC” quality system certification, European standard CE certification and passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. Uber's representative models are Uber 525A and yb530 and Uber 700, which are highly cost-effective and user-friendly. They use tank Hooke's Law damping system and 12 suspension damping systems.

Uber treadmills have a strict quality control system for production, and treadmills that do not meet the test standards have no opportunity to meet. The corresponding parts inspection and functional inspection will be carried out before shipment. After 3000 hours of uninterrupted machine testing, the motor 6 Annual warranty, the whole machine 1 year warranty. The main parts of the Uber treadmill motor use Taiwan's leading turbo technology and cold processing technology can be 100% guaranteed 10 years is not bad. Uber after-sale protection: the national warranty, a symbol of the true strength of a brand, Uber has nearly 200 entities in the country's franchise stores, the provinces have a general agent.

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Fourth, easy to run

Easy to run is the high-end treadmill brand launched by Zhejiang Wuyi Collar Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. Leading America started treadmills in 2006 and established the first domestic brand, lingm, in 2008. After the lingm product series was launched, it achieved very good sales performance in the market. Amazon sales exceeded 2 million for six consecutive months. Today, the leading US company has launched a brand of easy-to-run treadmills! Easy to run on June 28, 2013 signed the brand spokesman Kung Fu star Fan Shaohuang, and on July 2 officially joined CCTV CCTV7 sets of advertising.

Easy to run their models are business runways, cost-effective models are easy to run M7, 8008ds, 8009ds, 6008d, 8088ds and other models. Easily run M7 series treadmill, is the home of genuine ultra-quiet electric folding, the whole network maximum 10.1 inch high-definition WIFI Internet capacitive color screen, 1450*530MM effective running area, 4.5HP horsepower, 150MM widest column of the entire network, large safety foam handrail , All-inclusive security edge, rear tailstock, 3D stunning prompt nameplate, 18MM five-story running board, the whole 140KG, bearing 200 kg. Suitable for luxury villas, BOSS offices, company small gyms, send leaders to send customers. Promotional price ¥ 4999.00, listed in the fall of 2014, easy to run series M7 model 9008 this model is the latest listing model in 2014, than the easy to run the first high-end models 8008ds and 8099ds two models of treadmills more market, after the listing The great response has become a representative brand that is easy to run.

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Fifth, Qimais

Qimais treadmill is produced by Zhejiang Qimaisi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. This company is a modern high-tech manufacturer of treadmills, high-grade adjustable dumbbells, barbells, running dumbbells, comprehensive trainers, yoga tutorials, bodybuilding tutorials and other fitness equipment. enterprise. Set R & D, production, sales and service as one. Have their own export rights, the products are sold at home and abroad. Kaimais is the designated product of Jet Li. Qimais occupied the market at a price close to the people, and the treadmill quality and after-sales service were all excellent, ranking the top five treadmills in the industry.

Qi Meisi specially recommended models are T600, Q858, BOSS 5, I-80, Q780, Q602 and Qi Maisi I-RUN6 seven models, of which Kai Mai Si T600 and Q858, I-RUN6 most popular, Kai The Mays T600 Treadmill was launched on the market in 2014 and was favored by consumers. Its sales volume ranked first in the 2014 Qimes Model and it was the most cost-effective one, priced between RMB 1300-2000.

In 2003, the Qimais brand entered the fitness industry and competed in the Chinese fitness equipment market. In 2004, Qimais launched a number of trendy products into the international market and received favor from international buyers. In 2012, Qimais invited the film and television giant Shi Xiaolong as the favorite. The first four image spokespersons have fully built Qimais high-end brand image.

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Sixth, Huixiang

Huixiang treadmill brand is one of China's top ten sports brands, with an annual design capacity of 150,000 sets, an annual sales volume of over 50,000 sets, and a large number of ODM and OEM businesses. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asian countries. Huixiang treadmill features:

First: quality and stability. Treadmill quality is mainly determined by the motor, controller, dashboard, Huixiang treadmill is all independent research and development and production and exports, from a single part to the entire machine at all levels of checks, stable performance, and other domestic manufacturers Most of them are assembled using outsourced parts, so it is inevitable that they will fail.

Second: high cost performance. Compared with Huixiang's equivalent products, the domestic brand products with the same brand advantages of Huixiang are often 1/3 higher than Huixiang products, and some product configurations are much lower than Huixiang's equivalent products. The price of the machine is also slightly higher or equivalent to Huixiang products.

Third: use of safety, advanced technology. Huixiang products have passed the EU CE certification, is an internationally recognized security pass.

Fourth: After-sales service is guaranteed. Because all the major electrical accessories such as our motors, master controls, and meters are our own R&D, so even after a certain type of product ceases production, we can still provide related accessories and truly make customers worry-free.

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Seventh, Seoul

The United States fitness equipment brand was established in California in the United States in 1994. Most of its products have received the “Best BUY” Award from the 2011 American Consumer Guide for many times, focusing on the design, manufacture and sale of high-end home and fine commercial treadmills. Products, quality service and long warranty period have become the industry's leading brands.

SOLE is located in the high-end home and boutique commercial market. The price is between 8999 yuan and tens of thousands. It is famous for fitness equipment industry with high quality, high cost performance and excellent after-sales service. SOLE is the first brand of American store in the United States. Hotel planning has a soft spot for the SOLE brand, such as Hilton, Omni, Monaco and other world-class five-star hotels are using SOLE products.

The CUSHION FLEX patented suspension cushioning technology protects the athlete's leg joints to the maximum. Combined with high-density elastic fiber running board, it can reduce ground impact force by 60% compared to running on ordinary roads;

SOLE treadmill has strong motor power, using frequency conversion technology, above 3.5HP, environmental protection and energy saving, US ROHS certification, large-diameter motor protection motor speed is less than 4000RPM, reduce noise, extend motor life, F-class insulation factor, increase temperature control The fan ensures that the motor operates at a constant temperature of 40°C, which effectively prolongs the use time and life of the motor, accurate motor dynamic balance correction, and enhances the stability of the machine and reduces noise.

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Eighth, Yibu

As a German brand, ELBOO products adhering to the rigorous manufacturing tradition of excellence in Germany, into the texture of the world's top luxury cars such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the pursuit of excellence, simplicity and elegance. The YIPI brand always puts quality and service first, sticks to craftsmanship and user experience, and is unique in design and style. The product is carved into a work of art that makes people feel good.

YBG's cost-effective models include the V6, V2, V3, R3, O3 and KINGKONG models, which are cost-effective and user-experienced models. In addition, the Yibiao Jue O8 commercial treadmill is luxuriously configured and is a cost-effective commercial treadmill. One of the high imported brands. After more than 10 years of continuous innovation, ELBOO has launched patented shock-absorbing designs such as "three-layer shock absorbing soft running board" and "standing foot shock absorption." The elboo treadmill's running area is the largest of its kind, which is very satisfying to me, and it's noisier, and will not affect other people's rest due to exercise.

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Ninth, KUS

Korea KUS brand was founded in the early 1990s. Over the years, it has been actively collaborating with Korea's sports and fitness departments to participate in a number of Korean public welfare fitness activities, providing high-quality fitness equipment for competitive sports and individual home users. Until the 20th century, it has become a leading brand in the Korean fitness equipment industry.

In 2007, KUS entered the Chinese market and won the favor of the majority of Chinese consumers with its unique brand appeal and excellent product quality. It won the “Top 10 International Brands of Treadmills” and “The Most Influential Brand”. "Favorite brand" and many other honorary titles won the title of "2009 China Treadmill Sales Champion".

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Tenth, love Kang

American ICON Health & Fitness is headquartered in Utah, United States, is a company engaged in the production and sale of sports and fitness equipment, has 195 patents, 130 patents in the process of application, 565 registered trademarks and 146 dual applications in the process of application The company has 5,000 employees worldwide and has been recognized by many famous media as the leader in the global fitness equipment industry.

Icahn has a large number of well-known brands and cooperates with many famous retailers around the world. Well-known brands such as Wal-Mart, Kim Jim, JJB SPORTS, DICKS, Decathlon, etc., have a growing share in the domestic market.

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