Dinettes are needed every family every day. With the development of living standards, solid wood furniture has been welcomed by many consumers with its warm touch and durable characteristics. Many people choose solid wood dining tables and chairs. So how to maintain the solid wood dining table and chair? What are the types of solid wood dining tables and chairs? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian. Jackie Chan furniture http://cljj.cnjiaju.com/share

Types of solid wood dining tables:
1. Elm wood dining table and chair Elm wood dining table and chair is very popular, from the natural texture of the beech wood, the texture is tough, the texture is straight and rough and bold, feel comfortable, plus the unique characteristics of the coffin The rustic, natural colors and charms represent a style and culture. The general shape is beautiful, the material is excellent, and the mahogany furniture is well-received.
2. The ash solid wood dining table and chair saying that "the north is south," what characteristics does the coffin have? The eucalyptus is a unique wood in the south of the Yangtze River. The texture is clear, the texture of the wood is uniform, and the color is soft and smooth. It is heavier and harder than most ordinary hardwoods. Compared with common elm, such as sassafras and beech, red eucalyptus is more reddish, bright and luxurious, and has a hard texture. It is loved by the world and is the main material for furniture in the high-end luxury market.
3. Rubber wood solid wood dining table and chair rubber wood dining table and chair wood grain is not very obvious, the texture is relatively hard, the color is not very pure, so the price in the solid wood dining table, it will be slightly lower. .
Maintenance of solid wood dining table:
1. Avoid direct sunlight.
Almost all furniture is afraid of sun exposure, especially for solid wood dining tables and chairs. Solid wood dining tables and chairs are afraid of drying, afraid of dryness, and fear of tides. Therefore, the first step in maintenance work is not to place the dining table and chairs in the place where the sun can shine and the ventilation of doors and windows.
2, do daily cleaning.
In daily life, we should pay attention to wiping the table with a soft cotton cloth. In the oily place, wipe it with a little detergent, then clean it with a clean towel. After cleaning, let it dry naturally, and do not blow it dry with a blower.
3. Do seasonal maintenance.
The indoor temperature and humidity are different in different seasons, so the impact on the solid wood dining table and chair is different. Whether it is air dry or wet, we must ensure that the indoor humidity is appropriate to prevent physical changes in the dining table and chair, affecting the beauty and longevity.
4. Regular professional care.
After the dinette has been used for a long time, the color will be affected. It can be polished with professional oil (can be replaced by walnut oil), and waxed after half a year or one year to ensure the color of the dinette.

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