1. What should be noticed in the safety work of plastic surface construction?

The primary problem in the construction of plastic surface is the fire protection of the material in the field. The plastic is a chemical product and it is a flammable material. There should be fire prevention equipment on the stacking site, and it should be well-closed to prevent open flames. It must have a lot of dry powder. Fire extinguisher, and on duty, security personnel, improve the warehouse to issue materials procedures.


As the plastic surface layer construction is on-site mixing, electric mixer is used. Therefore, in the use of electrical appliances, qualified distribution boxes need to be equipped to ensure good grounding protection. All electrical installations and commissioning should be performed by professional electricians. After the installation, insulation tests shall be carried out and test run shall be carried out. After confirming the qualification, it shall be formally produced.

2. What does the plastic surface layer operator care about?

The construction of the plastic surface layer will generate gas after mixing, which will have an impact on people with diseases such as skin diseases, respiratory diseases, lung diseases, etc., especially in indoor construction. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job for entry operators in advance. For physical examination, the inspection items are mainly skin, respiratory tract, and eyes. During indoor construction, large-displacement exhaust fans must be installed to ensure smooth access to the air, and doors and windows must not be closed. Operators are strictly forbidden to smoke and open fire at the work site.

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