The correct way to wash your face

Now most MM have become accustomed to using facial cleanser to clean the face. In fact, some folk methods are also good for removing dirt on the face. The ingredients contained in the rice water can wash away the dirt on the face, and the vitamin B, E can also help keep your skin moisturized. So, what is the correct way to wash your face with rice? Let's take a look.

Taomi water washing step

The first step, the rice water should not be dumped, let the water settle for a while, take a layer of clear water to wash the face.

The second step, in order to achieve a better effect, we use bamboo charcoal sponge to extract the rice water, massage on the face, bamboo charcoal has the ability to absorb dirty things, so it can absorb the deep dirt of the skin.

The third step, after washing the face with Taomi Shui, we have a magical beauty and skin care item, which is corn kernel! This is a good helper for skin care.

The fourth step is to crush the corn kernels and put them on a cotton pad for a facial massage. You will find that the process of massaging the corn kernels on the face is very magical and comfortable.

Step 5: After all the cleaning and keratin work is over, don't forget the follow-up care. Applying toner is necessary.

The sixth step, if you feel that you are still not happy, you can also do a nursing job for the eye, simply apply a mask, make the eye skin as transparent as the facial skin, and avoid the dark circles too obvious.

After washing your face with cleanser, massage the skin with Taomi Water for 3 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Every day, it can prevent the growth of freckles. Taomi Shui not only has the effect of moisturizing, but also the small particles rich in vitamin E and other ingredients have the affinity of sanding ability. Under your slight armpits, it removes excess aging keratin from the face and improves cell metabolism.

The rice bran oil in the rice water is rich in vitamins B and E, which can protect the skin from the ultraviolet radiation, and can prevent the formation of melanin and achieve the effect of white skin. Wash your face with the first rice water every morning and evening, gently massage and pat the face, so that the nutrients in the rice water can penetrate into the skin, and finally wash with water. Sensitive skin is also suitable.

The way to wash your face is very particular. When you wash rice every day, dump the first water, leave the second rice water, let it clarify slowly, then take the clear water part to wash your face. The face can be white and delicate, so you may wish to try it.

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