The new Chinese style is a Chinese style that is applied to the concept of modern residence on the basis of post-modern architecture. It is the interpretation of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style in the current era, and is a contemporary design based on a comprehensive understanding of Chinese contemporary culture. The new Chinese style is not a purely elemental accumulation. Instead, it combines modern elements with traditional elements through the understanding of traditional culture, and creates traditional things with the aesthetic needs of modern people, allowing the legacy of traditional art to continue. Chinese style with Chinese characteristics.

In modern design, the traditional elements are given to the modern design, allowing people to experience the science and technology of modern design, and appreciate the traditional Chinese charm.

At the International Furniture Fair in Dongguan, there were many furniture designs combining logs and modern materials. These furniture lines are smooth, the design is simple and fresh, and the traditional style cultural significance is interpreted in the contemporary context. At the same time, it also gives people the luxury, atmosphere and luxury feeling of European and American furniture.

The new Chinese-style furniture exhibited at this time does not have the square and old-fashioned mahogany furniture. On the contrary, it has a lightness that belongs to the logs. While enjoying the classicality of the mahogany, you can also feel the new Chinese style of luxury culture.

For more information on China's furniture industry, please pay attention to the official website of Xianghe Furniture City ().

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