This year's Spring Festival Gala's song-reverse program has aroused strong reactions from the audience. All parties are also mixed. The author here refers to the cross-cutting of our plastic bottle packaging. In today's increasingly converging plastic bottle packaging design, it is a good idea to introduce the concept of cross-stringing if it is introduced into the plastic bottle packaging field.

If the plastic hose packaging is introduced into the jam plastic bottle packaging field, the detergent plastic bottle packaging is introduced into the field of pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging. Not only can they stand out on the packaging, but they can also introduce these new features, and they will also have new breakthroughs and new experiences for the packaging of these products.

Of course, the reverse plastic bottle packaging must be appropriate, such as the introduction of spray bottles into the field of pickles plastic bottles, certainly not appropriate. Therefore, cross-selling on the one hand is a breakthrough in existing packaging. On the other hand, cross-stringing requires us to carry out cautious arguments.

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